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The incident outside the Empire State was bad but did the Police make it worse?

All nine people injured in Friday’s Empire State Building shooting were hurt as a result of police fire, New York’s police chief has confirmed. During the incident, which was captured by surveillance cameras, police officers shot dead a gunman who had just killed a former work colleague. Commissioner Ray Kelly said bystanders had been hit by bullets or fragments of bullets striking objects.

Wonder what Gotham take on it is?

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42 thoughts on “NYPD – LOOK OUT!

  1. I expect that this very moment Nanny Bloomberg is speaking of guns in the wrong hands, of how laws must disarm those who cannot be trusted lest they mow down a load of passers-by.

    Of course not.

    The peons should be glad to be shot up by doughnut munching angels.

  2. Probably the world’s best police force. They’ll review the response in an appropriate manner AND continue to serve and protect our citizens.

    By the way, How big & busy is the City? I work ten blocks away and didn’t even hear about it until later in the day.

  3. Ernest Young –

    Come on you old misery, I did say the victims ought to be glad to bleed for such heroes.

    You can’t beat that for being an unthinking drone.

  4. This is a bit of a conundrum for Mayor Bloomberg and the gun control crowd.

    Mahons: “Probably the world’s best police force.” ??? they just shot 9 innocent people!!!

  5. Not at all. I really believe the NYPD is one of the best police forces in the world. Crime prevention, apprehension and anti-terrorism have led them to develop into a highly experienced and successful force.

  6. The victims should be so glad to be slotted by “New York’s Finest” (© state propagandists) they should offer to pay for the bullets.

    Hang on, they probably did pay for the bullets!

  7. did the Police make it worse?

    If they didn’t shoot then the gunman would have shot them and possibly other bystanders. So no, they didn’t make it worse.

  8. New York is the safest big city in America, and the NYPD is why.

    The perp/ murderer shot at our men, and the NYPD solved the problem.

    End of.

  9. Phantom –

    The perp shot at “your” men, and they responded by shooting nine innocents.

  10. Perhaps you can teach them better marksmanship skills

    This was a heat of the moment situation and it does have a happy ending

    Except for the murdered man, killed with a gun purchased in Florida

  11. Only a demented, statist loon can convince himself that nine innocents shot by the police is a “happy ending”.

  12. No innocents apart from the initial target were killed and they easily could have been cops or other civilians killed

    C’mon create a. conspiracy

    Something to do with the Brandenbergera would be auch fun

    Or a controlled demolition of the Empire State!!! They were trying to kill the Tesla Energy guy too!!!

  13. Look at this thread. A fact is highlighted that NYPD officers in a shooting frenzy shot 9 bystanders and we end up with this

    Or a controlled demolition of the Empire State!!! They were trying to kill the Tesla Energy guy too!!!

    as some perverse kind of ‘defence’ for the perps. There is at least one person in the US who should be on ‘meds’, and there’s plenty available.

  14. Allan

    Invent a theory

    You – know- you want to

    Soros, Bloomberg, Dimon

    Take two of the above and run with it

  15. Phantom – a theory to what? NYPD cops shot 9 bystanders: what theory does that need?

  16. It isn’t a happy ending, a man was killed, and in the justified use of deadly force to bring down his killer 9 bystanders were injured.

    But I’ll take the cops who run towards danger to protect us, and do so constantly, over conspiracy-loving children.

  17. To the Paulies

    What would you have sone differently?

    Don’t insult anyone’s intelligence by saying ” shooting with extreme precision so that no innocents were touched ”

    Say something real for once

    When there is gunplay in very crowded streets, friendly fire is very possrible. 100 % shooting precision is not possible outside of the movies. This is about the best result you could expect. Outaide of the initial victim, the only one killed was the murderer.

    I’ll take it.

  18. Allan wrote:
    “NYPD cops shot 9 bystanders: what theory does that need?”


    So we are asked to believe that people were hit by ‘bullets or fragments of bullets’ because of these “policemen”. Fragments of bullets or drones??? Policemen or anarchists dressed up as policemen??? Ninjas or pirates??? Paul or John?! You decide!

    Eyewitnesses saw a giant monkey climb the building. Woody Allen was absent on the day in question. Neil Armstrong died of heart surgery ‘complications’ (was he too hit by a “fragment”??????). Lance Armstrong was stripped of his titles. Mark Chapman was denied parole. Paul McCartney murdered Hey Jude. Team GB won dozens of Olympic medals – is that really plausible?????


  19. Phantom –

    You have the cheek to demand that I say something real for once? That’s laughabkle coming from someone who’s never given a straight answer to a direct question. You always sneak away, like that killer was clearly trying to sneak away when the NYPD sent the lead flying everywhere.

    He was going nowhere fast, trying to use planters to hide and he had no gun his hand when the NYPD rushed in and confronted him.

    One of the cardinal rules of shooting is that you must be sure of what’s beyond your target. If the backstop isn’t safe then you simply do not shoot. When a jewellery store owner recently fought off five robbers with a couple of shots she was upbraided by an uppity doughnut-muncher:

    Just like a police officer, when you fire that weapon and those rounds go down range, you have to be accountable for where those rounds end up,’ said Garden Grove police Lt. Jeff Nightengale.”

    Accountable, “just like a police officer”, eh? Great, so we’ll see how accountable the police are in reality when they shoot up a street and wound nine innocents, yes?

  20. Eyewitnesses saw a giant monkey climb the building. Woody Allen was absent on the day in question. Neil Armstrong died of heart surgery ‘complications’ (was he too hit by a “fragment”??????). Lance Armstrong was stripped of his titles. Mark Chapman was denied parole. Paul McCartney murdered Hey Jude. Team GB won dozens of Olympic medals – is that really plausible?????


    Frank’s Unifying Theory of Everything – because it takes that kind of brainpower!!

  21. There needs to be a middle ground here, between Pete’s barely concealed contempt of the NYPD and the rosy eyed hero worship that Phantom and Mahons are displaying. It is possible to admire and respect the work of the police and salute their bravery while also recognising and admitting when they have behaved with a degree of recklessness as this event indicates.

  22. There is no middle ground between the knowledge and ignorance or between sober realism and the insane baclk alleys of the perpetual shriekers who have a barely concealed hatred forthe truth at all times

    Pete doesn’t even believe that there should be ” government ” ( tax funded ) police at all. Imagine what that would lead to.

    I will destroy the Paulie Protests against the NYPD utterly later today, later today, when I feel like it.based on info I already know but will wish to document.

  23. Yeah Phantom – what/who is this ‘Paulie’?

    From the recent events, I have seen video footage of an internet cafe robbery being stopped by an armed 70-year-old (two robbers shot – no bystanders shot), a 69-year-old owner of a jewellery shop sees off 5 robers (no innocents shot), and the NYPD shooting 9 bystanders.
    The only conclusion is that the responsible public should be armed and the police disarmed.

  24. The Paulies are the mindless, uncritical, worshipful followers of the congressman.

    Not all Paul supporters will fall into this category – just the uncritical Fanboys, like our Dynamic Duo, the one with his anti gummint slogans and unexamined thoughts, the other with his KKK themed America Hatred.

    Misunderstanding of the proper role of government should be and hatred of what America really is ( as opposed to a fantasy about what it used to be 100 or 200 years back) are at the heart of Paulieism.

    But enough about the demented congressman. It is time to go out of doors in this lovely NY morning.

  25. Phantom

    Pete is going to be worrying about you now, going out on the streets and putting yourself in danger from the ‘doughnut munchers’.

    Mind how you go 😉

  26. first off shit happens.

    2nd NYC has one of best police Forces in the world, of that there is no doubt.

    3rd most beat cops never fire their weapon in the course of their job. I guarantee both these officers were never involved in an active fire fight ever in their life.

    What I find detestable is Mayor Bloomberg coming out less than 2 hrs after the shooting and holding a press conference blaming the accessibility of guns for the shooting.

    Guns are not legally accessible in the 5 boroughs, the two civilians involved in the case had a dispute that was building in crescendo over months. The shooter wasn’t looking to shoot up the crowd he wanted to kill one person. But as I said shit happens.

    He shoots a guy in front of two cops, they react he panics and shoots at them, they panic and shoot back and hit him and every body standing around him.

    it falls under the heading “shit happens”

  27. hey Allan Bush got blamed for using HAARP to steer hurricane Katrina towards New Orleans to kill democrats, how come the same wackos aren’t blaming Obama for using HAARP to steer Isaac towards the Republican convention?

  28. The Paulies are the mindless, uncritical, worshipful followers of the congressman

    How about the ‘Wallies’? These are the mindless, uncritical, worshipful followers of the kings of Wall Streeet – Jamie Dimon, Ben Bernanke and any other member of the corporate banking cartel which is destroying Main Street America. Phantom is a Wally.

  29. If the backstop isn’t safe then you simply do not shoot.

    So if someone is pointing a gun at you, you don’t shoot because “the backstop isn’t safe”. Bullshit.

  30. I have been extremely critical of banks and other FIs on these pages, and have repeatedly said that they were the major cause of the 2008 meltdown.

    Pete, Allan and the rest of the Ron Paul supporters here have never to my knowledge made even a minor criticism of any of Mr Paul’s statements or positions – his economic views, the history of racism in his publications, his disrespect for our foreign policy and our defense treaties ( as expressed on the floor of the House ), his opposition to various government social safety nets.

    The Paul supporters are as guilty as anyone of supporting ” their guy ” rather than striving for an intellectually honest world view.

  31. As respects the NYPD

    There has been a radical reduction in the crime rate in NYC over the past 20 years, and they, and the politicians who supported them, get all the credit for that. NYC is the least violent big city in America. That’s not the result of dumb luck. It is the result of good laws ( gun laws etc ) and good policing.

    None of this is fluff or exaggeration. I’m a lifelong resident of the city. I travel in all part of this city at any hour. I’ve seen it before and after, and after is better.

    Shootings by police are rare now. There has been a conscious effort to reduce the number of shootings. They’re down by at least 90 percent in the past decades.

    In the recent incident, the perpetrator murderer his former boss / co worker in a sneak attack. No amount of police work could have prevented that attack.

    The perpetrator had placed his pistol in a bag and was walking away. When confronted by police, he was seen removing the pistol, which was still loaded. There was another loaded clip in the bag.

    It was correct procedure to take the murderer out before he got a shot off. The NYPD did nothing wrong.

    After any NYPD shooting, there is an investigation. They’re always refining procedures, and it disturbs them more than anyone when bystanders are innocent victimes of firearms discharge.

    The shooting of civilians here is very possibly unavoidable. But in any event, none of those civilians was fatally , or I think seriously, hurt.

    The idea was not to give the bastard the chance to get a shot off. He didn’t. Big picture, the training kicked in, the police did their job, and no other innocent people were murdered this past Friday.

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