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Because nothing says “seperation of church and state” like the president’s “Passover and Easter greeting”. A snippet, my emphasis:

“As Christians, my family and I remember the incredible sacrifice Jesus made for each and every one of us – how He took on the sins of the world and extended the gift of salvation. And we recommit ourselves to following His example here on Earth …”

Indeed, and let’s hope the president puts up, because this is not “following the example” of the Prince of Peace –


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  1. Agreed.

    While the human cost of any war is horrendous, even a justified war, there is no justification for the secretive and often misguided use of drones that this Administration has actually increased.

  2. For the Neo-cons this is collateral damage. They want more war, not less. And they want torture with no restrictions.

  3. Seems that Obama is cursed if he does, and cursed if he doesn’t.
    He gave a simple exhortation to everyone.

    Give the man a break sometimes.

  4. //I remember the incredible sacrifice Jesus made for each and every one of us //

    Pete’s right: there are many forced to make the equally incredible sacrifice for some mistake by a drone driver somewhere. Pity he didn’t remember them too.

  5. Agreed. The US Drone policy is a disaster. It’s no longer a rare and focused last resort of war but it has become way commonplace and unfocused with the hideous results we see above.

    Why has Obama has expanded his use of drones? I think it’s because he wants to avoid capturing and imprisonment and the controversy of Gitmo

    – and because he doesn’t approve of water boarding or any enhanced interrogation in order to extract information from terrorists, their capture and imprisonment has little upside for him.

    Is it more “humane” to kill a terrorist with a drone? or to capture and waterboard a terrorist and then keep at Gitmo where they have yoga classes, 3 square meals and possible release?

  6. Let’s face it…drones are the future of warfare and surveillance and trying to stop their evolution is an exercise in futility. They are the future. What happens when every country has them? There was a Guardian article last year that said the US was actually the most transparent about its drones but then again, it is also employing their use more than any other country…for good and bad. I don’t think ‘the world’ can trust the American gov’t at this point to govern themselves on this issue (as of today, at least). It’s going to take international pressure and legislation to nip this in the bud.

  7. Seriously? You, of all people, are playing the disingenuous Christian war guilt card, Pete?

    Bless me, but I don’t remember you tossing around the Oh My God Dead Easter Children bit when GW was in office, murdering muslim babies without thought for a solid ten years.

    Be real, the current president is following established foreign policy precedence from the past president’s congressionally approved initiatives. Is that enough homophone’s for one sentence?

    Neither you or I gave gave a silent damn when these torn and bloody bodies of children crossed our sight under the preceding administration. To suggest they only matter now, in a point scoring political match, is disgusting.

    It’s pretty simple, you either fundamentally agree with GWB’s war policies, which Obama has wholeheartedly embraced, or you don’t. Criticizing the current president for committing the self-same sins as his predecessor, a loud, proud God fearing Christian, seems rather hypocritical and politically calculated in the extreme when I know you disdain and heartily disapprove of this entire war.

    Patty, your approval of government torture is particularly disturbing considering your strong tea party affiliation. Cognitive dissonance is thy name.

    Hope the peep vase turned out lovely.

  8. I believe you missed my point, Daphne.

    It was: if you add together the Obama Admin. policy on water boarding (against) and their policy on drone kills (reckless and frequent) one has what you might call “cognitive dissonance.”

  9. Daphne –

    No, I didn’t call out GWB for any Easter message hypocrisy, but I didn’t know until this weekend that presidents give an Easter address. Maybe I’d have known sooner if Republicans had reported on what he was doing instead of kissing his arse. Yes, if I’d have known I’d have said the same thing at the time.

    Yes, I know that this president is following established foreign policy precedence. You have me confused with someone who hasn’t been pointing this out, with someone who hasn’t referred to the fourth GWB administration, with someone who hasn’t explained its Wilsonian roots, with someone who hasn’t explained that a conservative foreign policy is not an interventionist one, and with someone who hasn’t been advising Republicans to vote for Ron Paul. But I haven’t a clue who you have in mind.

    You might not have given a damn about dead children when a Republican was in the White House, but you don’t speak for me.

  10. Pete

    You lot would have the US disown our essential Asian amd European treaties. Which especially in the case of the North Asian treaties, would lead to war.

    And you would destroy all social nets, which would lead to many more dead children, including in the UK, than a few drones aimed at the terrorists who you want to leave unmolested.

  11. Passover is a celebration of the mass ‘death’ of Egyptian first-born so is entirely in line with a murderous drone policy. And the ‘neo-cons’ who started this policy are jewish so it’s ideologically synchronous.

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