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I see that Obama has been cosseting up to the Gay lobby in his quest for the Presidency.  He has boasted he’s been more "vocal on gay issues to general audiences than any other presidential candidate probably in history." Obama has also issued an open letter to the "Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgendered community" assuring them he believes in "full equality" for homosexuals and stating that, unlike Sen. Hillary Clinton, he advocates the complete repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act. So, Obama is your man if you seek to have the institution of marriage. No wonder liberals just love him.

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  1. marriage is a religous ceremony a joining of two people in the eyes of God.

    a civil union is a governmental recognition of a joining of two people in the eyes of the state.

    Calling a bonding of two people of the same sex a marriage is blasphemy

  2. That’s a significant error. Won’t help him with the "Reagan Democrats" one bit. And they still exist in large numbers, the swing voters within the swing states, where they will be heavily courted by McCain.

  3. >>Calling a bonding of two people of the same sex a marriage is blasphemy<<

    Troll, what else can you expect from a Protestant like David!

  4. I don’t believe David is calling it a marriage Barrack say’s he will, and help get the laws passed to do it.

  5. MCK: Good pick. The good reverand Manning states that 68% of black babies are born without a father legally married to the mother. Whatever the %age, fatherless children in the black community is an enormous problem for the child and the community.

    Obama is a ship without a rudder; here’s Obama "redefining marriage" for the gay vote, seemingly oblivious to the black community.

  6. Phantom & Patty

    Maybe it’s not about votes then, the black vote or the Reagan Democrats. Maybe it’s just what he thinks is right.

  7. Obama has been married once. Apparently happily. McCain is on number two and his treatment of his first wife and vows wasn’t his best moment. Clinton’s marriage is a psychiatric thesis in the making, but still going on. So if practicing what they preach is a standard, I might suggest a little more humility and understanding on the Republican side on this issue.

  8. Neal

    I’m not sure why I should fail to consider political calculation as Obama’s motive here, esp when Republicans or others who speak to this issue are always accused of driving it as a "wedge issue" which is "trying to divide" with a "sideshow", "hot button" or "emotional" issue or as trying to "distract us away from the real problems".

    This isn’t trying to bash anyone, but maybe the opponents of marriage re-definition are doing what they think is right also, They shouldn’t be criticized when they raise this issue.–esp when the Democratic nominee apparent is saying that he wants to change settled law on the matter.

  9. MCK, thanks for the priceless video link!

    I was honestly 4 minutes into it before I realised it wasn’t a comedy. Manning actually kicked off with this gem: "Do you know, I am single-handedly responsible for the fact that 68% of all black children born were born out of wedlock" !!

    Could someone tell us what Uni in the States this loon got a PhD in Philosophy from? I’m namely interested in a fasttrack qualification as a brain surgeon.

  10. I’m confused. Can someone give the legal definitions of:
    Civil Unions
    Live-In Relationships.

    Every state in the union recognizes Live In Relationships and have for twenty years or more. In many states if you live together a certain amount of time, represent each other as spouse, have kids, buy property, open joint lines of credit, etc. – you’re considered married. In Texas, at least, you may have to get a legal divorce to resolve the issues. Most places of business provide health insurance coverage for the "spouse" in live-in situations under these conditions. Inheritance issues can be covered by a simple will. The only thing I don’t see already addressed is social security benefits being passed along.

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