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The elimination of Osama Bin Laden by American Forces should not be the topic of a political commercial and certainly not part of a campaign against a rival politician.  However, the Obama campaign is clearly doing just that, not only in a political campaign commercial but in obvioulsy coordianted attacks on Mitt Romney by former presdient Clinton and current Vice President Joe Biden.  Both Clinton and Biden esentially said that Romney wouldn’t have taken out Bin Laden, which is specious on its face.   And they act as if Obama jumped on Air Force One, flew  to Pakistan and shot Bin Laden himself, before returning to the Bat Cave. 

Look, Republicans have long made the war on terror a political football.  But that doesn’t mean the Adminsitration gets to play the same way.  We have a common enemy, and success not only requires common effort, it requires acknowledgment of that fact.  It is critical that enemy understands that internal differences do not trump certain fundamental external policy.   The President should not pursue this line of political attack, it diminshes him and is counter to our interests.

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36 thoughts on “Obama’s singing “I Shot the Sharif” is Tone Deaf.

  1. Politics ends at the water’s edge, or should.

    Clumsy and wrong on the part of Obama and his henchmen.

    They’re almost proving the Republican dumbkopfs right in their sullen and begrudging acceptance of a brilliant and correct move on the part of Obama and the military that he commands.

  2. Mahons

    The GOP have done much worse. Think of the Birther controversy and their innuendo that Obama is a muslim.

  3. Yes but the birther stuff only makes them look like idiots themselves.

    Making a partisan issue of defense policy is really harmful to the nation.

  4. Phantom

    I seem to remember that the GOP and its outriders blamed Clinton for 9/11. No?

  5. You have a point.

    And they should all burn in hell for that.

    Especially since they, the Republicans, criticized Clinton when he actually tried to take action against Al Queda ( missile attacks on Sudan ) by saying that it was related to the Monica scandal.

  6. Peter – Let the GOPers have the low ground. I don’t think the President gets a pass because many of them have been worse in the past.

  7. There are few things on earth lower than the modern Republican Party, with the exception of the modern Democrat Party.

  8. I wouldn’t say that Ron Paul is low. Just impossibly naive and clueless in a world that is unforgiving of such things.

  9. Phantom –

    Didn’t Clinton have a Sudanese milk plant bombed to draw attention away from the fact that he shoved his cock into an intern’s mouth? I’m sure I read that that’s what it was about.

  10. the hypocrisy and the gall of this post and comments are so telling and such a delight to read. I’ll go take a shower to wash of the scum from this pack of hyenas after I say one thing.

    In the aftermath of this mission the Obama administration rushed to brag of it, in their bragging they revealed that it was Seal Team 6 that carried out the Op.

    With that information released Seal Team 6 was made the top priority of the Jihadists in both Afghanistan and Pakistan. To this date 90% of that team has been assassinated, but that’s ok “Obama” got Osama

  11. Peter
    I’m going to acknowledge just this one comment, then I don’t care what any of you say. You have already said enough that the pack of you aren’t worth the time or consideration.

    On Aug 6 2011 a trap was set and it’s target was a helicopter that carried 38 people, 25 of which were the target of the trap. Those 25 made up the bulk of the members that carried out the OBL raid.

    I will not debate this, I will not argue about this, I could care less about your opinion, or your beliefs, on this topic. These People died as a direct result of violations of operational security by the Obama administration. Those are facts.

    so go F yourself, the stupidity of the pack of you could never be more glaring.

  12. Allan – I thought you didn’t think the Seals took out Bin Laden.

    They didn’t, which is why they were killed. After all, dead men tell no tales. I mean, since when were 25 SEALS ever packed into one helicopter? Ex-marines from 45 Commando in my area said it was absurd, absolutely absurd, to put all that expensive manpower into one helicopter in an operational area – it just doesn’t happen, unless it’s made to happen. Surely some of you must know ex-special forces members. Ask them.

  13. Someone has a long history of saying uncorroborated nonsense and furiously asserting it as ” FACTS “

  14. It is legitimate and important to know which candidate is or would be better defending the nation. Obama has a good record and Romney has not shown the knowledge or judgment to do as good or better job. This should be a top issue in the presidential campaign. Criticizing the Obama side for taking credit for an important mission is sour grapes.

  15. New Yorker – No, criticism of Obama for using the episode to make specious political claims is legitimate.

  16. This is not the thing that a Lincoln, a Roosevelt, or a Truman would have done.

    The criticism of Obama that he is in ” campaign mode ” 24/7 is a legitimate one.

    He was standing small on this, when silence was the proper leadership approach, and would have spoken for itself on the matter.

    All credit to the Seals and other combat military.

  17. We don’t know what Romney would do because he did not fully endorse the Osama operation and its success. We do know what Obama did.

    Frankly, we do not know what Romney would do on any issue as he is contradictory in his words and past actions.

    Bringing the success of this mission to the world’s media is very much in our national interests. Our enemies know that once we know their location, we can strike.

    Credit where credit is due. Obama took the hard decision. Truth and congratulations is a better policy than sour grapes.

  18. New Yorker – You miss the point (take comfort you are not alone). I congratulate the President on the successful mission and think it was a critical decision. Where he loses me is in the suggestion that his political rival would not have taken such an action, especiappy when the suggestion takes the form of a campaing attack ad (as well as rhetoric from surrogates like Biden). It is a cheap shot and without merit.

  19. No doubt you’d defend the right of, say China, to come to the US and murder people they suspect of wrong doing. Yes?

  20. Petr – No. But I would support an action by any nation to go to any other to bring justice to a terrorist who admittedly and deliberately caused the death of thousands of their citizens in an act like the attacks of 9/11, if there was no practical alternative.

  21. Petr, the northern Pakistan border provinces are lawless and used by global killers to hide out and direct their networks – hardly comparable to the US.

  22. I’m surprised at you, Noel. So might is right?

    What’s a ‘global killer’ when he’s at home anyway?

  23. Petr, a global killer (I sort of liked the phrase) is a person or organisation that sees enemies and killing opportunities everywhere – from Arabia to Arizona, from, in this case, fellow Muslims to Christians, Jews, Buddhists etc.

    If he were left alone he would kill as many innocent people as possible. And he was being left alone in N. Pakistan.
    Even apart from 9-11 etc., his organisation is responsible for some of the most wanton cruelties in Iraq – killing and cruelty for their own sake, to trigger some reaction and create an even bigger war. Obviously it would have been better to bring him in front of some court, but either way, a madman engaged in such mass slaughter has to be stopped at practically any price.

  24. Noel – That 10:25 was spot on.

    Petr – It isn’t too late too late for you to join AL Q.

  25. Where he loses me is in the suggestion that his political rival would not have taken such an action,

    When candidate Obama suggested that he would go after Al Qaeda in Pakistan if required Romney was kind enough to let us know his thoughts on such an action.


    “I do not concur in the words of Barack Obama in a plan to enter an ally of ours”

  26. Mahons

    It is not by any means certain or likely Romney would have taken the same decision as Obama. As stated above, there is little correspondence between what Romney says and what his record shows. Given Romney’s wishy-washy personality, how likely is it he would have taken a bold decision that had huge risks?

    In this campaign it is important that we voters know where the contenders stand on how they would deal with our enemies and what fortitude they would likely have in doing so.

    As to the political aspect, a major political campaign is in progress. It is risible to attack a candidate for highlighting his accomplishments and strengths.

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