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Teachers should not use red, say researchers (model pic)

Just madness!

Plans to ban teachers from using red ink to mark homework because it upsets pupils were dismissed as “silly” yesterday. Apparently the sight of the traditional scarlet pen highlighting their mistakes makes students feel like they are being “shouted at” and believe they are being marked more harshly. Instead, teachers should use more neutral-coloured pens in a bid to avoid this, say researchers.

I would suggest that any such researchers providing such farcical recommendations should be given their dismissal notice – in red writing.

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2 thoughts on “OFF THE MARK!

  1. And in a few months time, those same no doubt well paid researchers will issue a report saying neutral coloured pens should not be used because children were failing to spot the highlighted mistakes and instead a bolder colour like red should be used.

    Nice work if you can get it.

  2. The shock of seeing bad marks in red motivated me to work hard to make sure I didn’t get more of them

    Red stands out. It gets your attention. Good.

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