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The conversion of Britain continues…

“The Muslim population in Britain has grown by more than 500,000 to 2.4 million in just four years, according to official research.  The population multiplied 10 times faster than the rest of society, the research by the Office for National Statistics reveals. In the same period the number of Christians in the country fell by more than 2 million.

Experts said that the increase was attributable to immigration, a higher birthrate and conversions to Islam during the period of 2004-2008, when the data was gathered. They said that it also suggested a growing willingness among believers to describe themselves as Muslims because the western reaction to war and terrorism had strengthened their sense of identity. Muslim leaders have welcomed the growing population of their communities as academics highlighted the implications for British society, integration and government resources.  David Coleman, Professor of Demography at Oxford University, said: “The implications are very substantial. Some of the Muslim population, by no means all of them, are the least socially and economically integrated of any in the United Kingdom … and the one most associated with political dissatisfaction. You can’t assume that just because the numbers are increasing that all will increase, but it will be one of several reasonable suppositions that might arise.”

Indeed so. Our open borders policy, combined with a failure to demand total integration within our BRITISH culture opens the door for Islam, and it is growing demographically and politically because our political leaders fail in their duty to confront the problems caused by millions of people coming here and refusing to pledge their loyalty to our Nation.

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18 thoughts on “OH ALLAH…

  1. What is total integration with British culture? certainly language is an issue in terms of schooling and workplace, After that?

  2. mahons

    Learning to binge drink,vomit and fight with monotinous regularity, inserting a profanity after each second spoken word, shout loudly on your mobile phone when on a crowded bus/train while your I pod speakers are also on full blast, and generally learn to behave with yobbish indifference to everyone else around you.

  3. The death cult of allah and the Roman cult of Baal, the two biggest perversions in the history of the planet.

  4. it also suggested a growing willingness among believers to describe themselves as Muslims because the western reaction to war and terrorism had strengthened their sense of identity

    Wow, someone finally catches on.

  5. This story below from the Brussels Journal is being missed in the UK-

    Muslims in the Lords
    From the desk of Thomas Landen on Mon, 2009-01-26 11:16
    The House of Lords is a venerable British institution, but what does one get if one accepts Muslims in? This:

    A member of the Lords intended to invite her colleagues to a private meeting in a conference room in the House of Lords to meet the Dutch politician Geert Wilders, an elected member of the Dutch parliament, to watch his controversial movie Fitna and discuss the movie and Mr. Wilders’ opinions with him.

    Barely had the invitation been sent to all the members of the House when Lord Ahmed raised hell. He threatened to mobilize 10,000 Muslims to prevent Mr. Wilders from entering the House and threatened to take the colleague who was organizing the event to court. The result is that the event, which should have taken place next Thursday was cancelled.

    Lord Ahmed immediately went to the Pakistani press to boast about his achievement, which he calls “a victory for the Muslim community.”

    A victory for the Muslim community, but a defeat for British democracy where topics to which Muslims object cannot even be debated. That, apparently, is what one gets when one accepts Muslims into the House of Lords.

    Lord Ahmed is considered to be a “moderate” Muslim. The Pakistani born Nazir Ahmed became the United Kingdom’s first Muslim life peer in 1998. He is a member of the Labour Party and was appointed to the Lords by Tony Blair. Lord Ahmed took his oath on the Koran. He led one of the first delegations on behalf of the British Government on the Muslim pilgrimage of the Hajj, to Saudi Arabia. In February 2005, Lord Ahmed hosted a book launch in the House of Lords for anti-Zionist author Israel Shamir. In 2007, he responded to the award of a knighthood to Salman Rushdie by stating that he was appalled, saying that Rushdie had “blood on his hands.”

    Lord Ahmed was among the founders of The World Forum, an organization set up “to promote world peace in the aftermath of 9/11 with an effort to build bridges of understanding between The Muslim World and the West by reviving a tradition of Dialogue between people, cultures and civilizations based on tolerance.”

    What does “dialogue” mean to those who make discussion about controversial issues impossible? Thank you, Mr. Blair, for bringing “diversity” to the House of Lords.

  6. I hope this is clear to those who can read and comprehend what they have read:

    “One day, millions of men will leave the Southern Hemisphere to go to the Northern Hemisphere. And they will not go there as friends. Because they will go there to conquer it. And they will conquer it with their sons. The wombs of our women will give us victory.”
    — Former Algerian President Houari Boumedienne’s prophetic warning to Europe in a speech at the U.N. In 1974. Thirty three years later, his prediction is in the process of unfolding.

    “Soon we will take power in this country. Those who criticize us now, will regret it. They will have to serve us. Prepare, for the hour is near.”
    — Belgium-based imam in 1994. “De Morgen”, Oct. 5, 1994. Cited in Koenraad Elst, “The Rushdie Rules”, Middle East Quarterly, June 1998.

    “The quran should be America’s highest authority”. “islam is not in America to be equal to any other religion but to be dominant.”
    — Omar Ahmad, CAIR’s (Council on American-Islamic Relations) chairman of the board.

    “I would like to see the islamic flag fly, not only over number 10 Downing Street, but over the whole world,”
    — Sheikh Omar Bakri Mohammed, (former leader of the extremist Al-Muhajiroun movement in Britain) in an interview with Reuters.

    “I want to see the U.S become an islamic nation.” —-Ibrahim Hooper of CAIR.

    “We are not fighting so that you will offer us something. We are fighting to eliminate you.”
    —Hussein Massawi, the former Hezbollah leader behind the slaughter of U.S. and French forces 20 years ago.

    “Jihad and the rifle alone. NO negotiations, NO conferences and NO dialogue.”
    —Sheikh Abdullah Azzam— (Osama bin Laden’s late mentor.)
    “allah revealed Islam in order that humanity could be governed according to it. Unbelief is darkness and disorder. So the unbelievers, if they are not suppressed, create disorder. That is why the muslims are responsible for the implementation of allah’s Law on the planet, that humanity may be governed by it, as opposed to corrupt man-made laws. The muslims must make all efforts to establish the religion of allah on the earth”
    —Muhammad ‘Abdus Salam Faraj, “Jihad: The Absent Obligation”, p43.

  7. Allan

    There are a billion quotes on the net. Anyone can pick a few to reflect whatever opinion on earth you want to promote. I could easily find a dozen quotes from Muslims expressing a desire for friendship and peaceful co-operation between people of different faiths . So what ?

  8. Allan,

    You make ‘The West’ and its values seem more vulnerable than they are. Ibrahim HOOPER???

    Where did that schlemiel (sic!) originate?

    Faced with an attack – the Twin Towers – which they (to my mind exaggerating the threat) speedily parlayed into an attack on ‘our way of life’ Shrub and his owners, in the way of civic defiance, etc., could come up with nothing better than to encourage U.S. citizens to shop more…

    Check out anythiing Ed Murrow wrote/spoke during WWII (he flew a bombing mission with Lancs. over Berlin) or, even better, Mailer’s piece on the ‘rag-tag, multi-national army’ that defeated Hitler and Hirohito…

    If Abe/Ib had anything like THAT sense of America to feel part of he maybe wouldn’t be doing what he’s doing at the moment….

  9. Well Colm, the President of Algeria wasn’t just anybody: he did make quite clear what the intentions of the leadership of the muslim world are, and these intentions are now being made reality within our countries. That is why the populations of muslims within every western country are accelerating in size, and it is by intent. Of course, the leaders of western countries are well aware of the demographics, and of the nature of islam.

  10. "I hope this is clear to those who can read and comprehend what they have read:"

    Allan you seem a bit jealous with that remark.

  11. Allan

    There is no leadership of the Muslim world, in fact Islam unlike Christianity is known for it’s lack of hierarchical theocratic governing bodies. However Regardless of the claims of an Algerian leader or any other bigwig it is ridiculous to imagine that all the millions of Muslims who have emigrated to non-Muslim lands have only done so to engage in a deliberate conspiracy to furiously pump out as many offspring in as possible in strange lands in a fanatic desire to bring forward a worldwide caliphate.

    I prefer the boring but more truthful reason that they just wanted to have a better standard of living for themselves and their families.

  12. Allan’s schtick is – if any of you remember it – a ‘Went The day Wqell’ kind of thing. Except, instead of Nazis it’s…you guessed it…

    He assumes that, people who wouldn’t bow down to Schickelgruber, folks in the Falls and Shankill, in Ringsend and Drimnagh, in the Gorbals and Coatbridge (not to mention our brothers and sisters in N.Y., Chicago and most of Yurp) are going to roll over for some corrupted version of Jihad…

    He should take pause…

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