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I am not often taken aback at what I see on my newspaper pages, but a small piece, again, unfortunately in the Sunday Times (no link) really gave me pause for thought.

The author (as told to) of this little gem was a ‘cocktail waitress’ who works (if that is the appropriate term) in the Rose Club in London’s Marylebone. She stated that she ‘earns’ around £5,000.00 a week in tips. There is another term for this sort of work, especially at those prices, but the word escapes me for now.

Seems she welcomed a party of around twenty men from some financial outfit, and they were ready to party; and indeed did so. Booze flowed all around, and at £1,850,00 a bottle, the bill was gonna’ be high, but when the credit card machine was finally produced, the bill was totalled as £71,000.00; but the ‘big spender’, gave this ‘cocktail waitress’ a £10,000.00 tip. The young woman stated that her job entails a ‘lot of responsibility’, and at those prices I would tend to agree with her!

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