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I was wandering with my wife around this shop in the local mega-mall when I noticed something which really took me aback.

Either things have definitlely moved on from my days knowing various modes and types of engineering and technicians, or I am seriously behind the times.

We were being invited to purchase an Intergalactic Plumber’s kit and Command Centre.

So much for three spanners, a pipe-bender, a gas torch and a tin of flux!

Mind you, we were also informed that we could enhance our purchase with a Plumber Jail, a Plumber Laboratory and a Plumber Training Room.

Or are they selling to a different type of Plumber?


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One thought on “On a lighter note;

  1. My guess this is a Chinese made and titled product.
    There’s usually something lost in translation.

    I saw a model aircraft flying kit for sale last year called ‘Easy Pigeon’.
    What on earth were the Chinese thinking of in calling it that?!

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