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I see the courtier N Ireland media has got itself all excited about this;

Martin McGuinness has proposed a referendum to settle the vexed issue of same-sex marriage in Northern Ireland.

Mr McGuinness got qualified support for his idea from Mark Durkan of the SDLP and Naomi Long of Alliance.

Now then, the REASON that McGuinness is calling for a referendum is because the NI Assembly has yet again VOTED in the issue and it has been voted down. Since the issue cannot be won in the Assembly, McGuinness seeks to get around this via a referendum.

But maybe he has a point, maybe we need to engage in referendum a lot more so here are three that I would like to hold;

1.  The restoration of the death penalty for all convicted terrorists. Yes or No

2. Should we stay in the EU or not? A UK wide poll. Yes or No.

3. Should we be part of a United Ireland. Yes or No.

Well, I am sure Marty, Alliance and the SDLP will all agree that we NEED to allow the people to speak on all SORTS of issues.

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9 thoughts on “ON REFERENDA…

  1. A border poll on the 100th anniversary of 1916 has a great attraction, especially since the Shinners would lose it decisively.

    As for gay marriage, why not put on the same ballot as bringing the 1967 Abortion Act to Northern Ireland? That would be interesting.

  2. I’ll elaborate on that:

    1. No, as per the Guilford Four, Birmingham Six, Jusidh Ward etc.

    2. Yes, with a separate poll held in the state of NI as it would be the only part of the UK with a land border to the EU.

    3. Agreed, with concurrent referenda also being held in Britain and the ROI on the issue as to should they respectively continue with union / unite.

  3. Meant to ask, Paul, if you read Judith Ward’s book.
    BTW, haven’t heard from my friend yet who’s on The Way. Have you seen the Estevez – Sheen film?

  4. Paul, if you read Judith Ward’s book.

    I wasn’t aware she had written a book M.

    Have you seen the Estevez – Sheen film?

    Not only have I seen it, I’m an extra in it!

  5. NO WAY!!!! Who are you? I just watched the other night in my friend’s honor and while I know it’s not an easy trek…I’m envious of her. Such beauty…

  6. I modestly propose a fourth referendum

    If any convicted terrorist is executed, and that person is subsequently found innocent ( Birmingham Six etc ) then all the police and all the prosecutors involved in the case are hanged in Trafalgar Square, at 8pm on a Saturday night. The opening acts can be performances by Abba, Billy Connolly and Ozzy Osbourne, after which the condemned will be begging to get on with it.

    Admission to the great event will be sold on a free market basis to the general public, and the event would be shown worldwide on pay per view. All the net proceeds are given to the wrongfully convicted’s family.

    This will concentrate the minds of the police and prosecutors wonderfully so that they don’t bring frivolous cases involving people’s lives.

    I am sure that all here will strongly agree with this proposal, which balances the scale in a way that no previous death penalty law ever has.

  7. Oh also the judge gets to be executed too, in his black robes and his phony English wig.

    And the cops should be wearing their uniforms when they get executed.

    All the above should make for excellent theater which will help with the boffo box office receipts.

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