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British Economy!

European Union interference in British domestic matters!

Saudi Arabia. Bahrain. Yemen. etc., etc.

Alleged Global Climate change / warming / cooling / summat’s definitely up!

Prince Charles speaks out!

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42 thoughts on “On target, as ever!

  1. Well, a project perfectly suited to Prince Chuck’s talents; saving a red furry tailed rat.

  2. What’s wrong with trying to save the red squirrel? Prince Charles has long been a conservationist, and well done to him for raising awareness of these issues.

    The sneering says more about the sneerers than it does about him.

  3. In any case, the prince cannot get involved in politcal issues, which means he cannot comment on any of the issues listed in the post. Don’t you know that Mike?

  4. Greek father and English mother. English grandfather (George VI) and Scottish grandmother. English great-grandfather (George V) and German great-grandmother. English great-great-grandfather (Edward VII) and Danish great-great grandmother. German great-great-great grandfather (Prince Albert) and English great-great-great grandmother (Victoria).

    No obvious “inbreeding” whatsoever. Perhaps you should check out your own ancestry Troll?

  5. squirrel tastes good when sauteed in white wine butter and garlic and then grilled over an open fire

  6. Apparently, the black squirrels, originate from Eastern europe?

    Obviously you didn’t read your own link:

    “They finally came up with a solution to answer the question of how the black squirrel came into being, by importing a black squirrel from the USA. Genetic markers were taken and compared with a British black and the result was proof that the squirrels are descendents of American blacks that escaped from zoos.”

  7. American, Huh !

    No wonder they want to kill everything in sight, and take over the world?

    Prince Charles, has got it right on this one then, bring back the gingers?

  8. American ‘Black squirrels’ it’s about time the EU, had a ‘crackdown’ on the little buggers then?

  9. It’s Darwin’s theory proved yet again. The “fittest” survive and pass on their genes. Neanderthal man suffered a similar fate to what the grey squirrels might be facing now.

    Harri, you live in Slovakia, right? I have seen red squirrels in Prague.

  10. Prague, or Praha as it is known here, is a long drive from here, and i have never seen one?

    Come to think of it, my family own a vacation house in Brno, in the middle of nowhere, deep in the Czech forests, and i have never, even seen a ‘vevericka# ( squirrel) of any colour?

    I lay the blame on the local vodka?

    Apparently, we have rather large Brown bears as well, i have never seen one of those either?

    I will never make a good ‘twitcher’ … ever!

  11. I think red squirrels are fairly common throughout northern Europe. They also exist in parts of Canada.

    Ironically, there is genetic evidence that the surviving red squirrels in Ireland (also being displaced by the greys) are all descended from Norwegian red squirrels. This indicates that the reds were hunted to extinction in Ireland, and re-introduced, probably in the 18th century.

  12. “Harri, you live in Slovakia, right? I have seen red squirrels in Prague.”

    Please, do not take offence, but i think if you have spent time in Praha, and all you noticed was red squirrels? then, i think you might need to get out and about a bit more?

    I don’t suppose, you might have noticed the Czech women, on you’r wildlife hunt!

    Hold on a minute … you have me again, come to think of it, i have lived here for about 14 years now, and i have never, ever come across a Ginger Czech female?

    The mind boggles?

  13. Harri

    Where did I say that all I noticed in Prague were the squirrels 🙂

    I am always stunned by the beauty of slav women.

  14. ‘An open fire’ ?

    You heathen, have you no shame whatsoever man … have you never heard of ‘Global warming’?

    Disgracefull behaviour !

    Shame on you.

  15. ” Slav women ” ?

    Not a good chat up line to be honest, calling a Slovak women a ‘Slav’ is more likely to get you a slap .. than anything else?

    Try this … ‘ Velimi ta Miluem’? it means ‘ I love you very much’ rather than, a ‘slang term for ‘ You are a Slav’ ? google it, and wonder why you have never got anywhere?

  16. No need to be insulting, pal.

    Russia, Poland, Czech, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia

    All slavs, similar languages. No?

  17. I fully understand, the topic was concerning ‘Prince Charles ( the total loon) and a red rodent, but we have digressed somewhat, now.. onto more pressing issues…

    “2011.03.19 21:18, Peter said:

    Where did I say that all I noticed in Prague were the squirrels

    I am always stunned by the beauty of slav women.

    Dont. ever, mention Slav women… ever, and if in Prague, don’t mention’ Slovak’ .. Slovakish’ women either,, Czechs are Czechs, and Slovaks are Slovaks, and make no mistake about that fact.

    My wife is Slovak, who has a Czech mother, who has a Russian Slovak father, now, i have four Slovak/English daughters, and two English German sons? and not a red squirrel in sight/

    So. now do you feel my pain?

  18. Heh pal, I couldn’t give a **** about your pain, or about the complications of your wife’s ancestry.

    Prince Charles is standing up for endangered species, it’s only far-right blowhards like you that sneer at that.

    Get stuffed.

  19. Peter, pretty similar..yes?

    Have you ever tried, to drink with a Serbian?

    It. always .. gets ‘messy’ ?

    The language, is very much the same .. but then again, after about 4 hours, drinking copious amounts of alcohol with a Serbian… i could have spent the evening, drinking with ET, or a Klingon, and i would not have noticed the difference?

  20. Peter –

    Like his mother, Prince Charles is uninterested in the plight of the British people and will be a poor King. All that will save his reputation in comparison is that he will be on the throne for a much shorter time and, therefore, he won’t be anything like as useless as she had been.

    He is a natural conservationist and this campaign for the Red Squirrel, which is long standing (if only his commitment to our sovereignty was as strong) is also admirable.

    It’s a beautiful little animal which desperately needs protection and I wish him all the best in publicising it.

    As for the Black Squirrel, I’ve walked over most of Britain, am familiar which most of its flora and fauna and I’ve never heard of the thing.

  21. Peter’s love of squirrels is a little weird, but very sweet minded.

    Y’all might consider saving your pointy salvos for serious issues that don’t involve vermin.

  22. I do believ Pete is possibly a lefty, AND a socialist, so lets give him a break, he probably feels a real connection with vermin, after spending so much time hanging around with them?

  23. Harri –

    Wash your mouth out.

    Kateyo –

    Royals should be made to sign on the dole. They are a drain on the public purse.

    Priceless. Is there a planet we don’t know about where they get people like you?

  24. Okay, i can see the point of the Queen .. but the rest of the dysfunctional extended family?

    It’s not for me.

  25. Nice.
    Never visited Bratislava but believe it is a beautiful city.
    I go to Praha a few times per year and love it.
    I run the UK Fan Club for Ewa Farna (if you know her?). Learning Czech at the moment.

  26. The old town is nice, but keep away from the main train station area, and beyond if
    if you do not know how to handle the Roma, you could be in all sorts of serious

    Praha is beautiful, but very expensive, Bratislava was very cheap at one time … then we joined the Euro?

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