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What a scandalous waste of taxpayers money.

“Hundreds of police officers are retiring then going straight back to work for their force in a civilian role to earn a second income alongside their lucrative pension. In one force officers rejoined as civilian staff on the same day they retired. Elsewhere, officers retired with payouts averaging £103,000 each from their pension funds before being re-employed. Many former officers are effectively doing the same job as before they retired, with the most senior commanding salaries as civilians of up to £102,000 – almost as much as a chief constable. 

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  1. at least it’s the police, now mind you it still needs to be stoped. In the city of Philadelphia all the high ranking city council people and civil servants have been doing this for a couple of years now.

    The whole thing is pure corruption. The process of the pay outs was to give a lump sum to a retiree to a) get them out of the job to make room for new blood, and b) enable them to cash out so they could invest and retire.

    but the city council has been doing the same thing taking the retirement cash and then just changing titles and staying in the same job. At least in your case you might get something with a cop staying on the job. We gain nothing with a corrupt politician doing it.

  2. The problem is the police are allowed to retire at 50 when it should be 65. Pensions are now almost as big an expense as salaries for many of the police forces in the UK.

  3. who controls the police? Who do they answer to for their money thats who needs to be squeezed. In Philly the problem is it’s the top politicians doing it and the only one they answer to is the inbred public who won’t vote them out.

    At least a large group of Philly politicians have been arrested for other forms of corruption, in your case the reality is most cops are honest. So the only way to stop it is political pressure from the outside.

  4. And everyone thinks the cops play with a straight bat.

    The cops are an arm or extension of the state and are therefore as corrupt and criminal as the rest of the swine that work for the state, so the next time a cop stops you and you think they are on your side think again.

    I had a run in with them a few years ago and as far as I’m concerned they are just a bunch of bastards, 3 offices lied, 1 constable, 1 sergeant and 1 chief inspector. When faced with the facts and the technical detail they continued to lie, and all this for a motoring offence. So if they are prepared to go to those lengths to get a few quid out of a motorist ,does it surprise me that they will screw the tax payers for 100’s of thousands, no! The cops are little Hitler’s with delusions of grandeur!

  5. This has been going on in the teaching profession for years. I can remember about 20 years ago when a colleague’s wife who was a primary teacher took early retirement in her fifties and then went back to work as a supply teacher on £100 a day which was an awful lot of money then. It still is from where I stand!

    It is known as working the system and I would think it still goes on throughout local government.

  6. Peter –

    A radio news report yesterday stated that many constabularies spend at least 50% of their entire budget on pensions.

    We can see where that’s going.

  7. Mama/Troll –

    who controls the police?

    This is the centralised state of Britain. Operationally, the Home Office controls the police (i.e. the Home Secretary appoints Chief Constables which is why our police chiefs are useless, political appointees, the Home Office sets policy etc). Financially, ultimate control lies with the Treasury.

    All in all, strategic control of the various police forces lies in central government. Hence, our police are now useless.

    Until the 1960s the situation was the opposite; police forces were contolled locally, with local control of appointments, budgets, policies and priorities. This was a time when the British people were rightly proud of the police because they knew the police were fair yet still on our side.

    Through a series of Acts of Parliament and the odd administrative putsch, the Home Office ended local control and took over the forces.

    Now they’re funky and down with the youth and have mission statements and equality and diversity policies and it’s why they are useless. Most Britons wouldn’t notice if the police forces were disbanded.

  8. That ,Ranger 1640, sounds uncannily like an experience I, as a defence witness a number of years ago, had with the RUC / UDR.

  9. The police absolutely hate being filmed because the ready availability of streamed video means that they can be caught out lying in real-time. That’s why the poice look around for people with mobile phone cameras and order them (based on what law?) to stop.

  10. The police are now using anti-terror laws to detain people seen photographing famous buildings in London.

  11. Pete Moore, thanks for the response. And you do identify the problem.

    For all you others the police are the line between you and the animals, show some respect. If you were treated like an ass, you were probably acting like one

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