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Well done to Ireland for a thoroughly deserved victory. Where have they been hiding all winter? They were irresistible, irrepressible and spanked England’s backside for 80 minutes. As always, forwards determine who’ll win the game and the result was never in doubt. As so often, despite the forwards’ efforts (and a special mention to the astonishingly good David Wallace, he has never played better), Brian O’Driscoll was decisive. For him comes a record number of tries for the Championship. The man’s a genius, one of the all-time greats and recklessly brave. He deserves it.

To England, have some of that. Even without the astonishing Irish intensity and always idiosyncratic referee Bryce Lawrence, being completely dopey for an hour will do you and we were well done. However, congratulations also to England for being the deserved 6 Nations Champions. We’ve been the most consistent team, scored the most points and deserve to finish top of the pile. Given that many players are very young and playing in their first 6 Nations, it’s a real achievement. In the long term, today’s arse-spanking will be a lesson well learned.

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7 thoughts on “ON THE CHIN

  1. Is this soccer? It looks like soccer.

    I don’t like soccer at all.

    Rugby next time, please.

  2. It is Rugby Daphne.
    The 5 nations and the Island of Ireland competition.
    Forced to play it at school. Hated it ever since.

  3. Ireland were good.

    I don’t know what to make of this year’s championship, since all 6 teams had moments when they looked like class sides and moments when they looked like pub teams.

  4. The World Cup overshadows this championship. I don’t think everybody was showing their full hand.

  5. Yes, well done indeed Ireland. Well captained, committed and courageous.
    By contrast….
    England were absolutely abysmal.
    As I said before, either overly complacent (because we are essentially a lazy people..)
    or we go to pieces…
    Yesterday should have been a feast of rugby, but for me and the missus it was a day of frustration!
    Wanted Italy to win – they lost.
    Wales lost to France -although the French played well (and they had 16 players in their team if you count the ref… 😉
    England didn’t even show! They were rubbish and they spoilt my weekend..

  6. Great result for Ireland and well-deserved.

    Nice tribute Pete. Can’t have been easy for you on a day that Arsenal imploded yet again 🙂

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