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..you have it made! Or so they say.  I see another alleged leading Conservative has come out (whoops) and said that the UK  must leave the EU. In this case it is Michael Portillo, a media luvvie and wet as can be in many respects.

Mr Portillo suggested Mr Cameron’s promise of an in-out referendum on membership after 2015 was an “insincere ploy”.

“I would vote No and fervently hope that the British have more guts than those who govern us, and more than those who govern us think we have,” he said.

The intervention, in an article for The Times, comes days after Lord Lawson, who served as chancellor under Baroness Thatcher, argued there was now a “clear” case for withdrawal, and the economic benefits would “substantially outweigh the costs”.

The Prime Minister has been struggling to rein in his party after the UK Independence Party gained nearly 150 seats in last week’s local elections. However, demands from Eurosceptic backbenchers for the Queen’s Speech to include a referendum bill were ignored yesterday.

Cameron is out of his depth. He is committed to keeping the UK INSIDE  the EU and yet, as Portillo points out, this cannot happen without continued loss of national sovereignty. I sense a change in the UK body politic as the case for LEAVING the EU becomes an unstoppable force and it will sweep away weaklings like Cameron. The UK will leave the EU, sooner or later, but the screams from those with vested interests to keep us subjugated within the tyranny will grow higher.

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  1. He doesn’t believe this. Portillo might not be in politics any more but he’s still the politician. He’s just seeing which way the winds blowing and going with it.

    Like Lawson and other old Tories who now want out, Portillo was happy to become wealthy in a faction which proclaimed it was in favour of Britain being “in Europe but not run by Europe”. He was happy to stand on that platform (3:55 here).

    So now he’s saying he was wrong. “In Europe” was their policy and the headbangers wanted out. But the headbangers were right all along. This is the implied admission.

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