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I found this statistic interesting, no doubt some will have a good explanation;

FRESH anger at the culture of absenteeism in Britain’s bloated public sector erupted last night after it was revealed that state employees take an average of more than 12 days off sick every year.

New figures showed that civil servants, teachers, nurses and other public sector staff take 20 per cent more unscheduled days absent than their counterparts in the private sector, costing taxpayers nearly £9billion annually.And the figures also showed that British workers across the economy take twice as many sick days as those in the US and Asia.

Overall, absenteeism was estimated to cost British business an eye-watering £32billion a year.

Charlotte Linacre, campaign manager at the TaxPayers’ Alliance, said: “It’s scandalous that yet more research confirms that public sector staff are pulling more sickies than those in the private sector. Of course employers should be sympathetic to genuine illnesses but there seems to be a different approach when taxpayers’ pockets are raided to foot the bill.

Why is it that this happens in the public sector? What is it that causes such a difference? Why is it that anyone who raises this as an issue gets berated by the likes of the BBC – another public funded institution?

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