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Two young men.

Two different skin colours

Two different manners of death

Two very different outcomes.

Stephen Lawrence, a tall, slim black youth with aspirations to be an architect, lived in Eltham, and was attacked and stabbed by four young white men. He was stabbed to a depth of about five inches on both sides of the front of his body, in the chest and arm. the stab wounds severed several arteries. Although he tried to escape, he collapsed and bled to death. He died near the scene of his attack. No one has yet been successfully prosecuted for his death, plenty have pointed fingers, there have been unsuccessful prosecutions, but so far, no one has paid a legal price for this racist attack.


However, we have so far seen, regarding this young black man:-

  • A multi-million pound inquiry into his death, and the police investigation of that death.

  • Some half-million pound paid in ‘compensation’ to his parents.

  • A £3 million pound memorial centre

  • The establishment of a yearly Stephen Lawrence Lecture

  • The generation and awarding of an annual Architectural Prize in his memory

  • His name as a feature on a memorial website, as well as the website of the memorial trust.

  • Many politicians visiting, commenting upon, or otherwise remembering young Stephen.

  • Television specials, comment programmes, all exclusively devoted to that death and memory of that death.


Kriss Donald, a slightly built, 15-year-old White schoolboy was abducted from the streets of Pollockshields, Glasgow, on March 14, 2004. His kidnappers were five British Muslims of Pakistani descent, intent on exacting retribution on a white male in revenge for a previous fight, although Kriss was believed to be a stranger to his five attackers. He was taken to an area of waste ground where he was finished off after being tortured. Before he died, it is alleged that he was castrated, burned with cigarettes; his eyes were gouged out and he was stabbed repeatedly. Once on the waste ground he was doused with gasoline and set alight whilst still alive. He crawled a few metres and then, mercifully, died. A walker who discovered his body the following morning was unaware that it was even human, remarking, that at first, he thought it was the carcass of an animal.

The results of the investigation was that three Muslim Asian men, all born in Scotland, are serving minimum sentences of twenty-three years or more for the unprovoked death of this defenceless young man.

We see:-

  • No Memorial

  • No Building in his memory.

  • No politicians, no Prime Minister standing weeping crocodile tears over his grave.

  • Hardly any press coverage, and no ‘horrified’ commentaries by the ‘liberal elite’ and Guardian readers.

  • No further inquiry into the circumstances of his death.

  • No £500,000.00 compensation offered to his grieving parents.


Strange, that disparity in the aftermath of these two deaths; very strange! Wonder why the difference?



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5 thoughts on “One law, or is it Two?

  1. Poor young Criss Donnald, God rest his soul. He met grizzely end perpatrated by a bestial pack of jackals. Sadly, he is not alone,

    Here, another example of the benefits diversity has brought to our shores.


    Before all the lefties start jumping up and down, I am sorry for Stephen Lawrence too, may god rest his soul. His death simply did not warrent the media coverage nor the perversion of the legal system that it was used to engineer.

  2. Spot-on post Mike and a sad, sad reflection of the liberal-Left guilt pathology that infests not just this country but the West in general.

    Totally aggravated and encouraged by a pious media, not to mention the worlds of education and justice that continue with this malicious self-deprecation. They should all be put on trial for their treachery.

    A good post and well expressed.

  3. I have never understood why no-one was prosecuted in the Stephen Lawrence case. Apparently as I understood it he was accompanied by a friend whose evidence never appeared, and indeed the police guarded him for a long, long time. At least, in the case of the poor white lad the attackers are serving a sentence and I hope they serve it all.

  4. Two unforgivable crimes. Each of which should be punished by life without possibility of parole, or death penalty

  5. Both murders were atrocious racist crimes. But there are a few points to be made about this post:

    1. The main issue with the Lawrence murder was the shambles investigation by the Met. The inquiry exposed a culture of racism which contributed to their failure to gather enough evidence to convict. That is why the compensation was paid.

    2. The memorial to Stephen was paid for by private subscription. That is a reflection of the dedication of his parents that he should be remembered.

    3. The murderers of Stephen Lawrence have never served a day in jail and never will. The murderers of Kriss Donald are behind bars for a long time, though the sentence minimum should have been 70 years, not 23.

    4. I am not aware that any PM shed tears over Stephen’s grave, crocodile or otherwise. Perhaps a link can be posted to support this assertion?

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