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We read of a family involved in a ‘bitter’ argument with an American airline; the argument centring around this boy’s peanut allergy. Apparently, he had an allergic reaction when one year-old, and has steered clear of nuts ever since, or at least his family has ensured that he does not eat any nuts.

So, the family, before boarding the American jet, demanded that the airline stop serving nuts to all their passengers during the flight, on the grounds that if their son saw a nut, or even nuts, he would immediately grab some, and as they ‘knew’ that he would immediately go into anaphylactic shock if nuts were anywhere around him, wanted the nuts to be withdrawn.

So they were kicked off the list, tickets cancelled, and it took a further two days to reconfirm and re-list their flights.

Oh, and just by the way, they didn’t succeed in having nuts banned on that flight either. Terrible business; not enough warm nuts served on one flight; two too many on another!


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7 thoughts on “or would it just be sensible not to eat them?

  1. Fair play to American Airlines.

    I was on a flight from Dublin to San Francisco last year when, after a longer than usual delay to getting fed, the pilot came on to apologise. Someone on the aircraft had not disclosed the full extent of their nut allergy and, as the food was not prepared in a “nut-free environment” NO hot food would be served to anyone on the plane…for 10 + hours.

    There was nearly mutiny. In fairness to Aer Lingus they checked with their legal team back home before making the decision. I guess they preferred to have 200 angry passengers than 1 dead one.

    The selfishness of the “sufferer” for not disclosing how serious the allergy was is astonishing.

  2. Let him eat all the nuts is he wants to. Just ask Charles Darwin, he’ll explain. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Daniel was left mortified and embarrassed from being made a spectacle of and he thought he’d ruined the holiday.

    Yeah, mortified and embarrassed at his parents’ behaviour no doubt. Idiots.

    Daniel suffered a severe allergic reaction to peanuts at the age of one, when his throat closed up and he had to be taken to hospital.

    Who gives a one year-old peanuts?

  4. peanut allergies along with a lot of other allergies are a crock.

    All right I want to see a show of hands and be honest. Who knows anyone that has died from a peanut?

    It’s a fake allergy created by some over protective yenta

  5. it’s just like the idiots I’m allergic to smoke….. really what part of the smoke are you allergic too, how many parts per million of that particular chemical in the smoke causes a reaction, and what is the reaction.

    It’s all bullshit

  6. Recently working class (her pink vest!), now lower middle but trying to grasp their way up to middle class respectability and going about it all wrong.

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