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BealOwnDM3007_468x524.jpgWhat do you make of the news that a woman aged 108 has been told she must wait 18 months before the Health Service will give her the hearing aid she needs? Former piano teacher Olive Beal, one of the oldest people in Britain, has poor eyesight and uses a wheelchair. Now her family have said that realistically Mrs Beal is unlikely ever to receive the digital hearing aid that will save her from isolation. The one-time suffragette is one of hundreds of thousands of older people made to wait up to two years and sometimes more for modern digital hearing aids that make a dramatic difference to their ability to hear and communicate.

Two points here;

1. Once again we see how cold and inhuman the NHS can be. The individual’s circumstances are as nothing to the bureaucratic juggernaut that runs the NHS. The woman is 108 – surely someone somewhere saw that fact?

2. Why can’t her family go and BUY her one? Stop waiting on the State to help your Mum, help her yourself by buying her the digital hearing aid.

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9 thoughts on “OUR CARING NHS…

  1. 1. Not all families can come up with a grand just like that. Mine couldn’t, for example.

    2. They’ve already paid for it, but the NHS is reneging on prompt delivery.

  2. Ever considered just why hearing aids are so expensive? It isn’t as though the technology is so superior or groundbreaking that ‘research costs’ have to be recovered.

    Even the simple, and cheap, MP3 player can receive radio signals, amplify them and play them back – as and when required, – and they are very small!

    Could it be that the ‘Hearing Aid Industry’, has a nice and lucrative contract going with the NHS? – or is there really a valid and acceptable reason for the price charged?

  3. I have worn glasses for most of my life. I well remember when going to the opticians was akin to going to the doctors surgery and the result was a long wait for spectacles and a limited choice of spectacles at that. Compare that service to the modern situation, who says privatisation does not work? I am somewhat surprised, however, that the modernised optician has not joined with audiologists to develop that service. I am sure this will come.

    Regarding the above story about the 108 years old woman who faces an 18month waiting list – what a nonesense. Does nobody use common sense these days?

  4. The NHS does not allocate resources based on price so it uses queues. The inflated price of hearing aids can indeed larely be attributed to the NHS inflating demand and reducing supply in the private sector.

    She should not have to buy an aid privately – she has already paid for state health insurance that should cover it. Since the state has abjectly failed, she should get her money back.

  5. Indeed, a shocking indictment on the UK’s NHS. No doubt if Ms Beal was a drug addict with convictions for mugging people to buy their narcotics, then, I’m sure the NHS and the libral wackos would be falling over themseves to help her. All the more sickening when recently NICE proposed giving vouchers for drug addicts to by ipods and camcorders, etc, to coax them off the muck they seem to want to pollute their bodies with.

  6. David, whatever your thoughts on the NHS, it exists and through National Insurance contributions this woman and her family have paid for her hearing aid. They have every right to expect the NHS to provide one. You are completely right on the other point though.

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