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For years now, successive UK governments have failed to act decisively and build new nuclear power stations to meet our energy needs. They are also shilly-shallying when it comes to fracking and THIS is the inevitable consequence of listening to the siren voices from the eco-wacko front;

“Consumers are being warned they face higher energy bills as the UK becomes more reliant on energy imports. In a speech, Ofgem chief executive Alistair Buchanan will say that falls in Britain’s power production capacity are likely to lead to more energy imports and customers paying more. The energy watchdog predicts power station closures could mean a 10% fall in capacity by April alone.”

When those ever rising energy bills arrive on your doormat, when the lights go out, thank Gaia AND those who worship her.

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18 thoughts on “OUT GO THE LIGHTS…

  1. This has been known in the industry for years, it’s just the first time it has been admitted publicly. Every winter, the industry are on tenderhooks in case they get a plant failure causing the whole network to fail due to an overload. Best get your own small generator to keep the lights on and the gas central heating controls running.

  2. For years now, successive UK governments have failed to act decisively and build new nuclear power stations to meet our energy needs.

    The private sector will not build nuclear power stations without massive subsidies price guarantees. And the bank melt-down in 2008 has made financing much more difficult.

  3. Peter –

    Except the price guarantees to nuclear are rather less generous than those for renewables.

    Of course, the sensible thing would be to do away with all guarantees and all subsidies. They’re just transfers of leeted wealth from consumers to producers in any case.

    No, we won’t sit in the dark and cold without them.

    Let the record show that the energy industry is toghtly controlled and regulated by government, and that – even though we’ve been warned for years – it’s so screwed up that prices are rocketing along with the prospects of freezing death while sitting in the dark.

    Yet again, we have government doing what government can only do – fail completely and screw society.

  4. Phantom –

    What’s that? A law – a government decree – restricting liabilities for special interests? Gulf residents recently discovered the wisdom of government driving a truck through proper risk analysis.

    Still, the safety record of nuclear is rather good, even accounting for commie-built plants.

    Fukushima’s reactors were designed by General Electric and are rather old now. Even so, they stood up fairly well to a massive earthquake and a direct hit from a 30-foot high wave travelling at 500mph. When you see what else the wave did, nuclear looks quite safe.

  5. The US isn’t the only country that limits the liability of nuclear suppliers and generators.

    Without such limitations, and big subsidies, none of these plants would get built, anywhere.

    Not sure about the gulf reference – are you referring to the BP oil spill?

  6. Of course they’d be built.

    What you’re saying is that nuclear must be so risky that insurance isn’t possible without the state artificially capping liabilities.

  7. I am saying exactly that. If you have a Chernobyl or worse incident at Sellafield or somewhere in the middle of France, the potential liability would be so great that no one could pay it.

    You cap those liabilities, like all major countries with an industry have done, or you don’t build these plants.

    You’d be a complete idiot to build a nuke plant in Europe or America without liability caps. There would be no reason to do it – the return is not big enough .


  8. Phantom –

    Liabilities are what they are. There’s no capping them. Capping them is merely shifting the burden from one party to another.

    You’ve just said that you believe nuclear is too risky. That’s fine, it’s an argument. But it’s not too risky “unless liabilities are restricted”, because there’s no restricting them.

    What you’re saying is that liabilities must be borne by society at large, that liabilities must be socialised.

  9. I’m not saying anything of the kind.

    I’m not necessarily saying that there must be nuclear plants anymore. It would be good if we could skip past that technology. Maybe they’re OK in some situations.

    But if you want one brass farthing to be invested by any private investor in a nuke plant, you will have to limit their legal liability by statute. Otherwise, no one will invest in such such a capital intensive business which brings with it the possibility of endangering large populations for thousands of years.

    No one has the money to fund such large legal liabilities – not GE, not the French companies, not all the insurance companies in the world. If you want to go the route of nukes, either the govt builds them or the govt limits the liabilities.

  10. Saying the problem is the fault of “eco-wackos” is misleading. Governments are responsible for ensuring the population is safe from threat, safeish from crime, and that the basic infrastructure works.
    The crisis over energy production didn’t start last year, the year before or even five years ago. Tories and Labour are guilty of ignoring the problem of our aging power stations and not planning for the longer term – a very British failing.
    The underlying philosophy of green energy production is sound, but it doesn’t produce dependable power. So it’s either ultra clean coal fired stations and/or nuclear power.
    You can still build a green energy programme to supplement it.

    The real problem is that political egos like the bold, dramatic gestures that make them look “goooooooood Baby”!
    Increasingly Cameron is morphing into “Son of Blair.” His policies are cheap, slick and designed to make him look important and successful. So why concentrate on a coherent energy policy when you can send troops off to fight, invite the Indians to set up home here in the UK, copy the flashier bits of Germany’s green energy programme and strut about on the EUropean stage?

  11. Well said Agi!

    How matters of moment go around in cycles. The Beeching ‘cuts’ of the 60’s are a good example. Railways decimated by post war political dogma and indecision over privatisation or nationalisation, destroyed by the Tories and now being heralded by them, as the way forward – and all at a price, of course! How’s that for forward thinking?

    Another example – mine closures – another industry destroyed by hatred, dogma and greed, – now we are told there are such things as ‘clean’ coal fired power stations. How remarkable!

    They make the excuse that what they propose is ‘ constructive destruction’, a total nonsense that could only possibly appeal to the political mind that has never had to contemplate a hard day’s work in their lives, and to whom money is something only us poor folk think about.

    The saying ‘throwing the baby out with the bath water’, seems to apply to ideas and infrastructure alike to the political mind, and the more dramatic the gesture the better for their reputation. Of course of all options that one is the easiest.

    As you so rightly say – all politicians are interested in is shortsighted ego tripping.

  12. It’s inevitable when politics gets to decide who gets what.

    Whether it’s railways, energy, health or anything else, we’re only talking about how scarce resources are allocated. Leaving it to politics means a tiny clique of special interests and insiders, who cannot possibly have full information or make infallible decisions, gets to do the allocating, which is done for political and other corrupt reasons.

    Ludwig von Mises described exactly why in his article, “Economic Calculation in the Socialist Commonwealth.” He explained why socialist planning will always fail. He made it clear why socialism could never compete with the free market: It has no capital goods markets, and therefore economic planners cannot allocate capital according to capital’s most important and most desired needs. It’s as simple as that.

  13. The real problem is that (modern) politicians are unfit for purpose and should not be left in charge of a public convenience, let alone coping with the complexities of our economy. If they were entrusted with a public loo in no time at all it would be full of squatters 😉 the walls would be covered in political slogans and none of the plumbing would work..
    Politicians tinker. They don’t do what is right (vote loser). They do what is expedient (buys time for diversionary tactics).

    That’s why even though my instincts are Conservative, I have no interest in politics or politicians.

    Their first priority is
    How to GET power.
    Their second priority is
    How to KEEP power.
    Their third priority is
    making excuses for why they LOST power.

    In fact I would go as far as to say we should change our system so that it is experienced businessmen and private company directors who should be running the show on behalf of the UK. Answerable to the people and our Monarch, we would give them time to sort out the problems and get us working and prosperous again. Political parties are well past their sell by date.

  14. And right on cue, – I saw on the ‘news’ someone who looked like Cameron, who walked like Cameron, who talked like Cameron, but was in fancy dress with a funny blue headscarf on his head. It was almost surreal to see the expression on his face as he apologised for something he didn’t do and that happened ninety odd years ago.

    An atrocity that several other, and perhaps more genuine leaders, have already apologised for with rather more genuine feeling than this once promising jackass could muster.

    Of course his apology just had to include a ‘you’re welcome to come anytime, and don’t forget to bring the family’ type of invitation. A real lesson in ‘how to win friends and influence people’ – especially the voters back home’.

  15. Ernest,
    I am so disappointed with this man. He is like a Tory Spiv, standing on the corner trying to sell tourists Tower Bridge.
    Even the normally placid Mrs Agit8ed is fed up with him.

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