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I have said it before, and I have repeated my premise again; that Politicians simply do not listen to a reasoned argument, but grab the headline statement, and shovel it out in order to make mischief.

Lord Freud maybe spoke clumsily, but he spoke the truth; people who struggle and suffer under disabilities, of whatever kind, just want to work. I would reckon that all the Disability Legislation, designed in a very patronizing manner by able-bodied people who have probably never come within sixteen yards of a wheelchair, have not advanced those unfortunate people one iota.

Remploy was a chance at pride; a possibility of near-normality for those judged less than normal, and this bunch of Coalition Politicians closed Remploy down because it cost a chunk of money to subsidise those people’s work.

There is a saying, I believe from Oscar Wilde, which goes, “They know the price of everything, and the value of nothing!” The two toffs at the top of the Coalition pile, Cameron and the heir to the Osborne Baronetcy, with their traditions of pure, unleavened greed, and knowledge that they are better than anyone else, are just as bad as the rapacious barons of the Labour movement; complacent in the knowledge that nothing will happen to remove their own family fortunes, by making damn sure that everyone else, inclusive of the disabled, loses theirs.


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