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Since I know all of my friends across the sea have been waiting patiently for the baseball season to begin, I hesitate to bring this up.  But here it is – the game has been ruined by performance enhancing drugs.

There have been scandals of this sort before, in every sport.  But this week it was revealed that 104 players tested positive, including one of the game’s best players, the man-child superstar Alex Rodriguez.  Alex plays for my team, the New York Yankees, and this disclosure esentially turns the sport into profeesional wrestling.  Records which had been falling at alarming rates are now suspect, and the question becomes – is anyone honest? 

The Olympics, Bike racing, Track and Field, Baseball and probably even  table tennis at this point are all tarnished.  Is there a solution?  Lifetime bans?  Boycotting the sport?  I don’t know. But I won’t be rooting for the Yanks this year if he takes the field. 

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17 thoughts on “OVER HERE – IS NOTHING SACRED?

  1. "The Olympics, Bike racing, Track and Field, Baseball and probably even table tennis at this point are all tarnished. Is there a solution? Lifetime bans? Boycotting the sport? I don’t know. But I won’t be rooting for the Yanks this year if he takes the field. "

    If public interest suffers then the sporting authorities will act. It was only when people began to lose interest in the Olympics that the IOC began testing the athletes with some rigour. You can’t eliminate drug cheats but it can be made harder to cheat with a decent testing regime.

  2. The Olympics, Bike racing, Track and Field, Baseball and probably even table tennis at this point are all tarnished.

    These are all sports or events which have proper testing. Sports which have much less rigorous testing (and much more steroid use) like the NFL do not suffer as much bad publicity about drugs.

    It is a pity that steps to keep drugs out of sports, ie. testing, end up hurting the sport more than the head in the sand approach.

  3. The big picture problem is that the bad guys are staying up late inventing new ways to mask drugs use or to create new drugs that are not on the radar yet

    And if competitions are to be a cat vs mouse effort involving a militarized anti doping regime and crooked doctors / athletes / trainers, give me pro wrestling any day of the week. At least I know how honest those "competitions" are, competitions which are conducted in a more fun and stress-free environment.

  4. Mahons,

    Baseball is paying a price for the deal with the devil that the authorities made after the ’94 strike. I don’t believe for one minute that they didn’t know what was going on in the late 90s/early 00s. They knew, but didn’t care because it was making money for them.

    We’re the big losers, but I won’t be able to resist the coming year. At least, I don’t think I’ll be able to resist.

    One thing: if A-Rod has been outed then all the other 103 cheaters should be outed too. It’s wrong that he’s the only one whose name is out there.

  5. Eagle,

    I know. My nephew in New York is a METS fanatic.

    I tease him all the time about rounders. I suppose a Yanky fan would say "The Mets do look like girls -minus the PE skirts’

  6. Ian,

    It’s hardly a testimony to England’s greatness that they had the world’s best ever field sport in their grasp and they failed to recognize what they had. For shame.

  7. Okay, Pinky, I like your nephew a whole lot more than I like you right now.

    {Of course, the fact he’s a Met fan counts for a LOT.}

  8. Eagle, The mother country invented the game but chose cricket as the national pastime. We play it for 5 days, taking breaks for lunch and tea and rarely get a result!!

  9. Ian,

    Like I said, hardly a testimony to greatness …

    Truth is, I kind of like cricket, but it was easier to find the free five days to enjoy it when I was a student.

  10. Mahons,

    I don’t know if there’s steroid use in cricket, but I think it is the most gambled on sport in the world (sorry about that grammar). The Indians and Pakistanis are fanatics and there are big salaries in cricket there now.

  11. And he did it with the Texas Rangers, trying to look as muscular as the male population no doubt!

  12. I had dinner with three Brits last night, and two of them are big cricket fans. I used to think that it was just a relic of the olde days but that’s not true.

    Eagle’s right – it’s unbelievably big in Pakistan and in India, one thing those guys can agree on – but it’s also big in the Caribbean and in the near-Caribbean, like Bermuda. Bermuda has a two day public holiday built around a cricket match between one end of the island and the other. The entire place shuts down for it. A big deal indeed.

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