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This Sunday we Yanks all come together for a service.  Many pray silently to God while others shout out the Lord’s Name, depending of course on how they bet.  I refer of course to the de facto national holiday of the Superbowl, an American institution, like Aretha Franklin, that just keeps getting bigger.

The lads in Public Enemy used to rap Don’t Believe the Hype, which is perhaps a good state of mind for an event that is so overblown that the game itself often pales by comparison.  The media coverage is so complete that even non-football fans can recite the Quarterback’s passing percentage in their sleep.   The Game is so Roman Orgy in its taste level that they have to use Rman numbers to name them.  This year it is Superbowl XLIII.  The Pittsburgh Steelers face off against the Arizona Cardinals.  Pittsburgh is favored.

Think of it as a combination of Thanksgiving’s food consumption with the alcohol consumption of New Year’s Eve.  All on a worknight mind you.  Chili, chicken wings, pasta, mac and cheese, fried chicken, sausage, gumbo, chips & dip, giant sandwichs (heroes,subs or grinders) filled with stacks of roast beef, ham, cheese, pork ribs. . .you know -health food.

So if there is less chatter on ATW this Sunday from this side of the pond, you’ll understand we are all watching the game (and the billion dollar commercials).  And of course Monday we’ll all be hungover (I know I know, how will you tell the difference).  It is a true moment of national unity.   Go Steelers! 

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  1. So, who do you fancy for it, Mahons? I have a sneaky suspicion that Arizona are gonna sneak it. Kurt Warner is probably the third best Quarterback under pressure (behind Manning and Romo) so I don’t think he will suffer as much from the Pittsburgh defense as other teams might.

    Though, I think it would be a wonderful send off for Tony Dungy if one of his disciples was to win the Superbowl, so I will probably be chearing on Pittsburgh. Also, the last time Pittsburgh won the Superbowl it was against an NFC West team and the following year Indy won the Superbowl, so theres a double reason for me to want the Steelers to win.

    Also, it might make Troll sick that the Steelers would win and Philly will again pale into insignifigance beside there in state rivals.

  2. I enjoy it from time to time. As you know I like the Giants and Eli.

    But I take issue with your title naturally Mahooons!

    Real football is played with your feet. Rugby is your game’s basis. It has it’s moments – like cricket.

    But American rugby can be a tad gay. Lycra, padding, helmets, divas and bling? C’mon.

    Mark & Tom in Little Britain USA?

  3. "But American rugby can be a tad gay. Lycra, padding, helmets, divas and bling? C’mon. "

    It’s only one third gay:

    "A study of former high-school American Football players has found that more than a third said they had had sexual relations with other men.

    In his study of homosexuality among sportsmen in the US, sociologist Dr Eric Anderson found that 19 in a sample of 47 had taken part in acts intended to sexually arouse other men, ranging from kissing to mutual masturbation and oral sex.

  4. If you read that article Ross, you will find that it was a sample of 47 male cheerleaders who had previously played football. The biggest shock is that only 1/3 of male cheerleaders happen to have had any gay activity.

  5. Funny you found that Ross, I dunno where I read that but I saw it a while back too. Compare and contrast rugby players to American rugby players for braun. Yum. But generally I prefer the skill in football (real football) as a game, it’s much MUCH better to watch.

  6. No it wasn’t Seamus. I just read it. It said they were failed american footballers. So had become cheerleaders instead!


    Now tell me Seamus. Do you think failed rugby players would go on to take up pom poms?

  7. "But generally I prefer the skill in football (real football) as a game, it’s much MUCH better to watch."

    I love English Football but if I am being honest I would rate 4 Sports better than it.

    1: Hurling [fastest game on grass]
    2: Gaelic Football [sports that are more physical than Gaelic are less skillful than it and sports that are more skillful than it are less physical. It has an excellent combination of the two of them]
    3: Rugby [grown men, all of whom are gentlemen, will cry during their anthems and then tear each other apart. Just brilliant]
    4: American Football [Brilliant combination of physicality, intelligence and skill. Best of all, Cheerleaders (the real type, not the type that Ross just mentioned)]
    5: Football (Soccer) [The most skillful game of the 5, though Hurling is a close 2nd in terms of skill]
    6: Basketball [Probably the best non-contact sport in the world]

    99: Cricket [I fall asleep during a cricket game. No wonder Cricket fans are always plastered. What other way can they enjoy themselves?]

    "Now tell me Seamus. Do you think failed rugby players would go on to take up pom poms?"

    No, they go and become doctors and barristers and other professionals etc. Most Rugby players are very intelligent people. Also, there are more American footballers in the world than there are Rugby players. If they can only find 50 uphill gardeners out of all American footballers then it takes away from your gay apporach.

  8. I often don’t even watch the Super Bowl, as there are too many commercials and stoppages and the entire event is overblown to an extent that would make Hitler blush,

    I will keep an eye on it, as I have family that are big Steelers fans, and since the Rooneys who own that team are the salt of the earth – rich people who don’t put on airs, and who treat people with respect.

    How many days till pitchers and catchers? I need some real sports to watch!

  9. "If you read that article Ross, you will find that it was a sample of 47 male cheerleaders who had previously played football. "

    I know, I’m just stirring things up. I did like the sociologists claim that "the study was not biased by talking to sportsmen who were now cheerleaders". No of course it wasn’t!

  10. "How many days till pitchers and catchers?"

    Phillies host the Braves on the 5th April. I like most American Sports but behind Baseball is by some distance 4th in those sports.

  11. Seamus

    I was asking that question metaphorically but am really impressed that you were able to answer it.

    Come to NY some time and we’ll go to a ballgame.

    There is a new 24 hour baseball channel designed for people like me. At this time of year, they show some historical footage that intrigues me quite a bit.

  12. Aye, I am a wee bit into Baseball, but no where near the way I would be into American Football. I’m a Red Sox man myself so I don’t know how popular I would be in New York.

  13. FOOTBALL FOOTBALLLLL sory soccer is a game for children and guys named melvin, Rugby is a good game I’ll give you that.

    Seamus I hate to disapoint even being a die hard Eagles fan one of the nice fallbacks has always been that my state has two teams so I always have a back up to root for.

    Unlike NY which has no team but has stolen NJs…LOL

    I look at it this way if it can’t be the Eagles (which it never is) I’m happy as long as it’s NOT Dallas.

  14. There are more Red Sox fans than you think in NY, and there are some Red Sox bars

    The rivalry is more of a pretend thing here – you will be teased for wearing Red Sox gear into a bar near Yankee Stadium, but its almost all in a sense of play.

    Its not like some of the soccer football rivalries in Europe at all.

    Soccer is for Communists and others of low moral stature.

  15. Troll

    We have the Buffalo Bills.

    So there.

    Agree that the Dallas Cowboys are the devil. The worst people in the world are those from outside of Texas who root for them.

  16. It’s okay. Phantom is as well.

    Surely it isn’t very patriotic of you and Troll not to like America’s Team?

  17. Most people hate the Cowboys. When we bother to think of them.

    I don’t "get" cheerleading at all. I don’t think that its sexy at all. May as well have male cheerleaders, as GW Bush once was one of them.

    That’s one good thing about soccer. No cheerleaders.

  18. "Soccer is for Communists and others of low moral stature."

    I have to object to that. Fascists are far better at football (or soccer if you insist) than communists.

    Great fascist (or military dictatorship) teams include: Italy’s world cup winners of 1934 & 1938, Real Madrid’s five time European champions of the 1950s, Brazil’s World Cup winners of 1970 and Argentina’s team of 1978. In comparison communists are rubbish and only have the 1954 Hungary team.

  19. "That’s one good thing about soccer. No cheerleaders."

    Funny you should say that. I think the fact that they have cheerleaders is Glasgow Rangers only redeeming quality.

  20. Also, the fact that one team is better than the other would go completely against Communism.

    Also, surely due to the fact that they have Salary Caps, and thus block the Free Market acquisition of players, American Sports are quite Communist.

  21. Mark

    There is a whole set of recourses for the fellas to get into the sport. It’s taken really seriously.

    But let’s face it gay men have much better bodies than heterosexual men. Women won’t mind the eye candy πŸ˜‰

    but it just TOTALLY killed the whole macho-ness of the sport.

    Eli is dead to me now.

  22. Seamus – I am for the Steelers cause Pittsburgh is a beer and a shot town that lives and dies by its team. Arizona is a retirement community (ask John McCain).

  23. Troll – You are right, the Bills main purpose in life is to give people from Buffalo something to complain about besides the weather.

  24. Eli?


    No he would not be fast enough to receive or brutish enough to do the other things. But he is a decent basketball player.

  25. I don’t know Mahons, 6’1", 180 pounds, he could be Wide Receiver and a Return Man. DeSean Jackson is both shorter and lighter than him.

  26. What’s the joke ? I don’t get it you know. Why insist on calling a predominantly hand ball game "football", and then insist on call a game where you Kick a Ball With Your Foot "soccer" ? the word football denotes a ball game played with the feet. you might as well call the superbowl Parsnip Marinara, it makes as much sense……

  27. Well Mahons in stirring that pot a few turnips with pom poms certainly floated to the surface!

    Frankly unless the Giants are playing it’s not worth trying to stay awake for.

  28. Seamus – As a smoker he would likely be out of breath after running forty yards. However, our conservative friends would note how slippery he is and that the other players would be too busy applauding him to actually tackle him.

  29. Mahons, he would be a good Kick Returner. As you pointed out, he is slippery, it is difficult to lay a hit on him and once he builds up a head of steam he can’t be caught.

  30. Alsion – Well with a football position like Tight End why wouldn’t I expect a gay flavor to the thread.

    And even without my Giants in the Game, I’ll still watch (perhaps with less emotion but equal insobriety).

  31. Eli "eternally Peyton’s wee brother" Manning flattered to decieve a wee bit this year. After the Superbowl and the start to the season Eli was finally living up to his surname but then you could almsot say the Giants’ passing game shot it self in the foot … or the thigh.

  32. Seamus, he wouldn’t make it across the 50 yard line – Biden would miss the block while talking to the referee and McCain might miss the tackle but Sarah Palin would cut across the field like a lightning bolt and pound him into the turf.

  33. The only reason that Sarah Palin would beat is because she would hook is foot with a hockey stick.

  34. I have to admit Alison, Eli isn’t my type. His wife on the other hand is quite attractive.

  35. Good to know Eli isn’t your type.

    But with all these gay antics who knows if that wife of his isn’t Doris Day to his Rock Hudson?

  36. Good God – my manly post is descending into a gay farce (Even as I write this Colm is focusing on the phrase manly post).

    Thank goodness I didn’t post about Broadway Musicals.

  37. RS – Redskins? I am telling the PC police on you. You’ll use your membership card with the Communist Party.

  38. Seamus,


    asc. the abbreviation of association, you can tell as it bears a striking similarity to the first vowel, football is rarely abbreviated and when it is is done as FB. the word soccer is a very poor attempt at abreviation in that it bears little relation to either word and is not actually an abriviation. Anway this does not explain how a game of handball became know as American Football, and further raises the question as to why the word actual football would, in the minds of the Americans, require the prefix association, or why they would consider the sport in its entirety as governed by an association.

    Kids in Ravenhill Park are not playing IFA organised football (which you could term "Association Football") but just football, due to the absence of a governing association or organised league.
    you confuse me Seamus, you really do.

  39. it does seem we almost agree though, I find that i’ve never seen east end ladies attempt cheerleading at Parkhead as seltic’s best feature.

  40. "Agree that the Dallas Cowboys are the devil."

    The devil to beat you mean. Except this year of course, when we were either very good or horrible. Romo can fall appart in the most excruciating way! And to Philly of all places!

    T.O. is stirring all the sh!t down here, just like he did in Philly and San Fran.

    But our defense is a wonder to behold. I hope we didn’t hurt little Eli too much when he was down here! πŸ˜‰

  41. I like T.O. as much as I like Manny Ramirez.

    ( for the furiners, he was malontent baseball player who quit mid season on the Boston Red Sox so as to force a trade to another team )

  42. But in both cases Phantom they are both brilliant players. Manny’s biggest problem is that, despite his unbelieveable talent, he’s a half-wit.

    "The devil to beat you mean."

    I actually got into an argument with Daphne in September over who would do better, the Cowboys or the Colts. I guess I won that argument.

    Also, how are Dallas the devil to beat? You haven’t won a playoff game since I was 8.

  43. Yes, but both are cancers. Ramirez- must give him his due – was a mighty reason why the Red Sox won two World Series after the long drought. But what he did last summer is unforgivable.

    TO is a cancer’s cancer. He destroys teams. I want him to stay down there in Dallas ( sorry Charles )

  44. "TO is a cancer’s cancer. He destroys teams."

    Phantom, I think we should start a Petition to convince Bill Belichick to trade for T.O.

  45. Though we should proceed with care. He did, recently, trade for one dick of a Wide Reciever and instead of destroying the Franchise like he was supposed to, said Wide Receiver is now firmly back on his road to the Hall of Fame.

  46. Mahons,

    I will be watching some if it but it is shown very late over here so I will not see it all. A great event, the Superbowl and would love to get to one. Mind you, those ad slots are gonna be a lot cheaper this year than last…!

  47. $4,500 for a ticket? I thought the Β£65 I paid for the game in October in Wembley was pricey.

  48. Prices for events have gotten crazy. A friend of mine wanted me to go to a rock concert with him and his family….at $800 a ticket! I won’t pay it, not b/c I couldn’t scrounge it up if needed, but that’s just hedonistic. If I’m gonna pay 8 bills for 2 hours, I’ll be verrry tired afterwards!

  49. David – I suppose you’ll hit the mute button during Springsteen’s halftime show.

    Phantom – I am a mere groundling.

  50. Phantom, that’s Mahon’s way of saying they won’t let you bring your own beer into the stadium, so he’s staying home.

  51. In my high school juvenile delinquent days I used sneak beer into Yankee Stadium with my friends.. Those were the days. No patting down at the entrance. Just walked right in.

    Re music

    You’re likely to have a better musical experience in a small club or bar near you than in some highly produced arena show, anyway.

  52. Oh sorry Mahons. It’s just all a bit biceps, lycra, divas and bling and the tight end..well you said it man, it’s too easy!

    I watched the Giants in NYC recently with some fans so that was great. I like the Giants. And Eli Eli Eli. In me t shirt of course. And my accent went down a treat calling him ‘Ellie’ :D. Sports watching with men is the same the world over…except they were more generous with the beers in gratitude for my support. That’s all that matters.

    Truthfully I find the sport itself a bit too slow, stop start and takes too long to get going but it is fun. Have a great day.

  53. Team contact sports are little more than substitute orgies of fleeting sexual connections. And as they are always played by same sex teams they are GAY GAY GAY GAY GAY !

  54. Let’s back the bus up a little.

    Seamus –

    Rugby [grown men, all of whom are gentlemen, will cry during their anthems and then tear each other apart. Just brilliant]


    Most Rugby players are very intelligent people.


    Scrum half was my spot, with the occasional stint as hooker.

  55. "Scrum half was my spot, with the occasional stint as hooker."

    Without discussing Colm’s play on those words, how could you play both Scrum Half and still play Front Row? You were either a big Scrum Half or a small Hooker, or both.

  56. Phantom –

    Can’t imagine what you’re getting at. Meanwhiles, half the job of a hooker involves binding closely with a couple of teamates while five big chaps shove vigorously from behind.

    A great way to work up a thirst (which is the point of it all, really).

  57. Seamus –

    I was a stocky scrum half who morphed into a smallish hooker once the booze finally worked its magic on the waistline.

  58. "I was a stocky scrum half who morphed into a smallish hooker "

    morphed ?. That’s a new euphamism on me ?

  59. Alison – George Will (a conservative writer) wrote that Football features the two worst aspects of American Life – Violence and Committee Meetings (huddles).

    It is a slower game than the highlights would have you beleive, but that slowness is part of the attraction to us Yanks.

    Charles – Stadium Beer is generally awful, and they cut you off before the game ends. Who needs that kind of tyranny?

  60. Colm –

    ‘Morphed’ in this case means ‘sat on my arse for a year’ between playing for the university team and then for the village.

    Strange to say, a year of inactivity coupled with booze, curry and the odd bacon sarnie had turned me from a Jessica in the backs to a front row fat boy.

    Plus, the village team needed a hooker and I was drunk enough one evening to volunteer.

  61. mahons

    Really true. I don’t really care to go to NFL games as there are so many commercial break interruptions that disrupt the natural flow. Same thing in ice hockey. You don’t notice it at home with all the distractions there, but you sure notice it at a stadium.

    Baseball is different as the natural half inning breaks are just right for a quick commercial or two.

    This is where soccer shines – no play stoppages for ads, even in the biggest games.

  62. "THE REAL FOOTBALL". You hardly even use your feet, how the hell is it "football"? Association Football, the greatest game in the world played by nearly every nation in the world. American, Gaelic, Australian and the rest of these pretend games are boorish knock offs of the real football.

    We’ve beat the Turks the Ities and the mighty Germans too, the French, the Dutch, those southerners all know what we can do, and if you know your history, you’ll know it could be you, and this is what we sing…. We’re not Brazil we’re Northern Ireland!!

  63. Mahons: it’s the commercials on NFL that drive me nuts. But that re ‘slowness is part of the attraction to us Yanks’, true enough, I hear you – works the same with cricket, slow strategy etc. But it’s smooth flowing. And there are no ad breaks every few mins.

  64. Phantom –

    I have a couple of seats at the Arsenal, by common consent the most exciting, admired and loved of all football teams. Even rival fans of Man Utd, Liverpool, Chelsea and Spurs say so – oh yes.

    If itineraries and diaries and fixtures allow when you’re in London, and if you fancy it, you’re welcome to be my guest.

  65. There are only ad breaks (Superbowl aside) at specific times. they are change of possession, scoring and timeouts. During the actual playing of the game there are very few stopages as they have t osnap the ball within 1 minute.

  66. "I have a couple of seats at the Arsenal, by common consent the most exciting, admired and loved of all football teams."

    Either your taking the piss or you’ve lost your marbles. Spurs fans admiring Arsenal? After Sol Campbell left Arseanl for Portsmouth, almost a decade after doing the dirt on Spurs, the delightful Yids referred to him as "a big dirty nigger with HIV".

  67. My first pro football game was seeing the Cowboys play in the Cotton Bowl in 1968. Not as a spectator, but selling peanuts. I remember watching "Bullett" Bob Hayes run for a touch down. They called him the fastest man alive.

  68. Is it Arsenal fans that are all supposed to be uphill gardeners, or is that the Spurs mob. Or maybe I’m getting them mixed up with the Craven cottagers πŸ˜‰

  69. "I remember watching "Bullett" Bob Hayes run for a touch down. They called him the fastest man alive."

    There was a lot of talk in the Summer that Jerry Jones was going to try to convince Usain Bolt to come play for the Dallas Cowboys. Usain Bolt, probably the first NFL player to run a 40 in under 4 seconds.

  70. Seamus, the Cotton Bowl is also a place, and was home to the Dallas Cowboys before Texas Stadium. To true Dallasites such as myself, the Cotton Bowl is the One True Church for the game. My dad would always curse at the start of a game from Tx Stadium, when the announcer would say "Live, from IRVING, TX."

    I’m old school! Dandy Don Meredith was a god in our house back then, as he came from my Mother’s home town of Mt Vernon, Tx.

  71. I didn’t know that the Cotton Bowl was a stadium as well. You learn something new everyday.

    The thing that surprises me is that they didn’t change the spelling of the Irving, in the 90s,to Irvin. You know the way to honour the 2nd best #88 of all time.

  72. My claim to fame right now is that I know Lee Roy Jordan. You should hear what Mr Jordan has to say about T. Owens! He wants him out, saying he’s destroying the team.

  73. Just imagine how destructive the Cowboys locker room would be with T.O. if they had got Chad instead of Roy Williams this year.

  74. Irvin was quite a player, but his off the field hijinx pale in comparsion to the young ones these days.

  75. My favourite Irvin off the field incident has to be when he tried to saw Everett McIver’s head off with a pair of hair clippers.

  76. The Emirates is too new, too modern. There’s no character. If you want a good English football stadium, Old Trafford is your destination Phantom.

  77. Jordan told me Roy Williams is following T.O. around like a puppy dog. T.O. is a bad deal, Coach Tom Landry never would have put up with it. Although come to think of it, he put up with Dandy Don’s drinking and womanizing! πŸ˜‰

  78. Yeah but it’s not Arsenal Seamus and he won’t get tickets. Emirates is a fine modern stadium, it’s a great opportunity and the Arsenal crowds will provide more than enough character.

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