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Orville and Wilber Wright were famous for their invention of the first successful airplane.  An iconic American moment was when they helped it to soar over Kitty Hawk.

The Rev. Jeremiah Wright has launched his own invention (himself) this week, and instead of helping something to soar he is helping to bring down Obama’s campaign.  In a series of interviews, press conferences and personal appearances, he is proving that the Youtube clips of his sermons were only the tip of a rather vain and strange iceberg.   At this point, one suspects Obama may actually wish he was a Muslim, as his political and spiritual alignment with this rambling reverand will clearly cause him great harm in the nomination process and the general election should he manage to prevail over a still standing Hillary Clinton. 

Obama seems to be incapable of controlling events, which is the double-edged sword of his candidacy.  He rode a wave of racial good intentions to the top despite a slim resume.  But he’s caught in the stream of events, and the current of events is now pushing him past his ultimate destination, victory, much like Huck Finn on his raft on the Mississippi River when he was unable to make the landing at Cairo, Illinois* and was forced downstream.  Huck Finn’s adventure had a happy ending, will Obama’s?

Here is what Obama has to do – he has to disavow brother Wright with the vengence of an Old Testament Prophet (like the Prophet Jeremiah for example).  Obama’s crafty "I could no more disavow him than my own people" speech was glorified almost universally in the media but debunked here on ATW (See "Grandma Got Run Over By A Media Dear" by one of our brillant writers) .   He needs to burn the mutha out with a Carthage like slapdown on the Rev.’s behavior and gross comments.  Otherwise, voters will be left with the conclusion that if Obama can’t put a egomaniac preacher in his place, he’s hardly going to be able to deal with an egomaniac nuke building North Korean and a host of other international and domestic issues.


* Thanks Alan.        

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  1. Hi Mahons: I agree with your post and I would emphasize that one of the most damaging aspects of the Obama/Wright Debacle is your last sentence – this whole thing shows Obama to be extremely inexperienced. In an "OMG! This guy could get us nuked!" kind of way…he should have known – after 20 years – that Wright was the very definition of "loose cannon" and Obama should have distanced himself long ago.

    Instead, Obama egged him on in his "race speech" when he tepidly supported Wright at the same time tepidly disavowing some of what he says. Weak.

    Obama is extremely inexperienced and to my amazement didn’t read Wright, his mentor, and appears unable to understand American people.

  2. Mahons,

    Merit where due dept. – you get better by the week. Sleepless nights and stinky diapers obviously clear the mind and give one time to ponder the ways of life.

    Not quite Alistair Cooke, – but getting there!..:)

  3. It’s quite amazing how much malign influence religion continues to wield in US politics in 2008. Obama may well be derailed by this religious nutjob. But his candidacy would not have got to first base if he wasn’t a professing christian of some sort.

    Never mind a black guy, the day an unbeliever of any skin colour has a chance of the White House will be the day that America has really advanced.

  4. Patty – I think Obama thought if he gently dismissed Wright he would get past the issue. He won’t.

    Ernest – Thanks. Some would equate my writings with the content of diapers, so I feel I’ve advanced.

    Peter – This is more racial than religious. I don’t hold out a ltimus test of belief or nonbelief as a standard.

  5. Peter,

    I find it equally amazing how much malign influence faux socialism continues to wield in US, or indeed, in Western politics, in general.

    As usual, your lack of understanding of either, politics, religion or of society in general, is always a continuing source of amazement…

  6. Mahons,

    There is no Cairo in Mississippi. You were thinking of Cairo (pronounced KAY-row), Illinois which is on the Mississippi River, just way up north from the state of Mississippi.

  7. I think that Jeremiah Wright resents the way Obama has tried to sideline him since last year, and particularly resents the rather tepid distancing that Obama made after Wright’s crap became widely known.

    The only reason I can think of for Wright to still be spouting off at this stage is to actively sabotage his ungrateful protege.

  8. Ernest posted:

    As usual, your lack of understanding of either, politics, religion of [sic] society in general, is always a continuing source of amazement…

    I could say the same of your syntax. But in any case, people in glass houses…

  9. Ross: You are so right! Wright must think Obama is "selling out to the man!" (which he is) So, everytime Obama disavows Wright, Wright is going to hit back stronger against him!

    Obama is stuck! Now that I think of it, maybe Wright’s new house which cost in the millions was a "gift" from some Obama supporters.

  10. I think Rush is right in his analysis of Wright:

    "I watched some of Reverend Wright this morning at the National Press Club. It seems obvious to me that he’s doing everything he can to wipe out Obama’s candidacy, and I’ll tell you why I think it is. I think that people like Reverend Wright — and I think there are a lot of other race business hustlers out there, by the way, who think this — really upset that if a black candidate is elected president, that they’re going to be somehow diminished in their task, at keeping everybody in their flocks all revved up and angry about the ages old sin of slavery and the ongoing discrimination.

    So it appears to me, if you look at Reverend Wright, listen to what he says and analyze it from the context or perspective of what’s best for him, which is clearly all he’s interested in, what’s best for him is that if Obama loses, because then it’s easy for him to say, "See, the white power structure doesn’t want a black man to rise to the pinnacle of power in the United States of America."

    It would certainly fuel Reverend Wright’s future and continue to help him raise money and keep people whipped up into a frenzy. He’s not helpful. Whatever he thinks he’s doing, it is not helpful to Barack Obama"

  11. Daphne: I would have to agree with that statement, and it is a well reasoned one by a guy who in my opinion doesn’t do that too often. The extent of Wright’s egomania apparently can’t be measured. I would go further to suggest that Wright is willing to have Obama fail if it means Wright can become the Go To Angry Black Leader instead of Jackson or Sharpton.

    To his credit at last, Obama has just fully denounced Wright calling his statements appalling. Obama must have started to read ATW.

  12. Obama’s latest reaction to Wright is much more impressive than the speech he gave last month which attracted a lot of praise from the pundits but failed to address the issue. Sure I don’t actually believe that Obama is that appalled but it’s good that he realises that he has to pretend to be.

  13. Rush is usually too busy playing the outraged white man, but he definitely called this one. I found this over at Andrew Sullivan’s blog.

    Obama should have denounced Wright a long time ago, but I think he still has an edge on securing the nomination. I think the super delegates are afraid of the black voter reaction they’ll have to handle if they pick Hillary. If you vote for someone because of race, instead of against because of race, does that make you a racist?

  14. Can only echo Dawkins yesterday

    "What possessed the Democrats to put up such poor material as Hillary and Barack? Insane."

    and rather sad.

  15. If you vote for someone because of race, instead of against because of race, does that make you a racist?

    If you take any action based on race, you are, by definition, a racist (or, is it racialist?).

    That’s what happens when we let the people make the choices instead of the party insiders. It’s called democracy.

  16. Well, then we’ve got an awful lot of black racists in the country Alan. What was the percentage of black votes in PA for Obama, 97%?

  17. Nope, golf legend Davis Love. He’s got a 2,890 acre spread on the Georgia coast that they have an article on! Plus how to cook a whole hog on the BBQ, mint juleps, Charleston, wild beaches, clay guns, derby fashion, etc. I’m going to go read it now, see y’all later.

  18. Gee I would have guessed ex-con Martha Stewart with her AK-47, demonstrating a lovely target arrangement that you can set up while planting tulips in thirty minutes.

  19. Daphne, you forgot about the article entitled
    "Green Things: Willie Nelson’s fight for sustainable biofuels"

  20. Daphne

    You’d have a lot more enjoyment if you subscribed to ‘ATW men and their weapons’

  21. >>You’d have a lot more enjoyment if you subscribed to ‘ATW men and their weapons'<<

    Colm, she’s already invited Troll over to shoot some serious duck.

    David for his part keeps the world at bay with his SUV (know what they say about men who need to drive big cars?)

    Adrian will no doubt one day be a canon.

    And as for the rest of us, well, we men of the mind know what’s mightier than the sword, eh?

  22. Noel

    Troll better be able to deliver. They like em BIGGER in Texas.

    I think Adrian is content to ‘Bash the Bishop’

    And you and I can certainly be proud of our pens 🙂

  23. I’m continually aghast at the absence of hierarchical leadership within certain branches of the church, which allows such megalomaniac "pastors" such as Wright to flourish. He’s a total jerk, and his ministry seems to be based more upon racism and bitterness and politics, than upon preaching Christ.
    As a Catholic, I do try and keep an open mind as to the workings and mechanisations of all Reformist churches, because I do think that they’ve got a lot to offer, and that they can teach us Catholics a good deal, in many ways. But something is certainly wrong when the likes of this Rev. Wright are allowed to go unchallenged by their superiors.

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