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Snow Fright and the Six Stooges went at it last night in the Democratic Candidates’ Debate as reported here yesteday.  I don’t know if the highlight was Congressman Dennis Kucinich discussing the time he saw a UFO or John Edwards looking like he landed in one.  In any event, if a knockout punch was hoped to be delivered by Barack Obama, it clearly was not.  Senator Clinton was able to finesse her way through by not responding in kind.  Her only stumble -the doubletalk involving New York State’s demented governor Spitzer’s plan to give driver’s licenses to illegal aliens. 

Obama said he was going to go "Yo Mama" on her, and he folded like a six week old slice of swiss cheese.  Edwards was far more obnoxious, and it showed.  Note to Edwards, if you are going to push snake oil, then you got to sell it with a real smile – not a fake one.  New Mexico Governor Richardson blew hot and cold, but he had the sense to defend Hillary by saying the attacks against her were uncalled for, and then repeating all the attacks.  The two adults – Joe Biden and Chris Dodd weren’t bad, but treading water doesn’t help their struggling campaigns.  Biden got off a nice shot at Rudy and the 911 game.  Kucinich with the protective shield afforded those who can not possibly win, was able to get off a few shots at the process itself.  

End of the day, Hillary did what she had to do – ignore the boys and make them cry.   She should have been more prepared for the driver’s license question – old Bill would have seen that one coming from a mile away.  But she did pretty well on her feet as even the questions were directed against her.  Conclusion:  Hillary’s staff should start thinking about running mates now.     

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  1. Well done, Hillary. It’s good to see (or hear of) a professional at work. Can this be viewed anywhere onlien, anyone know?

    >>if you are going to push snake oil, <<

    I though these posts were for those of us on this side of the Pond! Snake oil?

  2. Is Kucinich going after the Keebler elf vote? After everyone one of his responses I kept expecting him to end the sentence with a rousing yell of "and that’s why I’m voting for Ron Paul!"

    Richardson was awfully good at licking Hillary’s knee pits.

    Edwards reminds me of Gomer Pyle with ego.

    Obama looked like an incompetent teenager out of his depth.

    Hillary couldn’t answer a single question with an actual direct response. She was making faces too.

    Dodd thought every topic was the Most Important issue.

    Biden looked Presidential, intelligent, competent, well versed, sane and very experienced. He should be the Dem frontrunner. He looked like your best shot at winning the White House.

    The latest Rasmussen poll shows that Hillary is going to have a hard time winning. Half the country hates her.


  3. I couldn’t watch it. I was engaged in an activity foriegn to Democrats…working!

  4. Daphne, anything on the issues?

    I can’t believe a candidate said anything about UFOs . But I suppose Ronnie did speak of his Star Wars plan!!!

  5. Much discussion of the redistribution of wealth. Oh, and lot’s of finger pointing about where they each get their campaign money.

    Only one of them can articulate a vertical expression of a horizontal idea.

    Going to the school now to do spooky stuff with the kids………

  6. Noel: Traveling Salesmen used to sell all kinds of medicine out in our western frontier when doctors were scarce. They had miracle cures for everything. Snake Oil is a phrase as Daphne note meaning fake medicine.

    Daphne: Biden won’t hit the double digits because he often says too much. A smart guy who talks too much. Don’t count on the Hate Hillary polls because they are self-fulfilling. I know she isn’t your cup of tea but an objective observor would have noted that the questions were aimed at her and she fended off six opponents without really slipping.

  7. Pinky: On the issues I thought it was astounding that only Chris Dodd saw the poltical danger of the Spitzer driver’s license plan to give them to illegal aliens. That is red meat for the Republicans. And Biden had the sense to take a strong shot at a Republican candidate (Rudy) rather than just the lame duck President.

  8. Whoever the Republicans nominate will be in with a good chance against Hillary, with two possible exceptions, Giulliani and the Mormon guy. The bible belt won’t turn out for them in anything like the numbers that they turned out for Dubya.

  9. Peter: I don’t think that is the case. The Republican candidates with a chance of getting nominated seem to be little different than Bush on the Iraq War. That may not hurt them so much in a Republican primary season, but it will hurt them in a general election.

  10. Peter: She voted for the authorization of the war, which had broadbased support. However, she recognized the incompetence of the handling of the war, and of the occupation, and of the failure to accept reality of the situation by the Administration – which is a thing that the majority of Americans have recognized.

    And she seems to have a realistic assessment of the present situation.

    We don’t need our politicians to be right every time, we need to to recognize when something has gone wrong and seek solutions. Therefore, while she won’t get the far left peacenick vote, she’ll get the mainstream voters.

  11. Daphne: According to the neutral Quinnipiac poll of 10/03/07 Hillary is leading Rudy by 11 points in New York State.

  12. Edwards does come across wild sleazy.

    Daphne, as seen from the left hand side of the link above, there were quite a few topic discussed.

    Mahons, I am liking Biden more and more.

  13. S’okay Pinky. We’ll just shake in the middle 🙂

    Just waded through Daily Kos and Huffpo – they are loving Edwards and Dodd – they’ve had about 4000 comments at Kos on 5 different threads and they ain’t digging Hillary at all.

    The msm political writers are calling it Hillary’s worst debate yet, using adjectives like waffling, pandering, deflective. Declaring Edwards the winner and Obama runner up.


    Mahons if those numbers on New York are straight, Rudy could beat Hillary. Man, a republican scooping those electoral votes would have the election wrapped up.

  14. S’okay Pinky. We’ll just shake in the middle 🙂

    I knew we would pull you out of rightworld Daphne. Isn’t the missle a lovely place!!!! 🙂

  15. Daphne: She’s leading him by 11 points which is pretty high when you consider that he’s from here.

    Pinky: Biden has been described as not having that speed bump between his brain and his mouth that prevents normal people from saying EVRYTHING that is on their mind. It killed him in the past. He’s a smart guy, but he’ll never make it through.

  16. I think from a GOP point of view I would want Hillary to win. She is a huge polarising factor in that she will not only alienate the Far Left voters who may well actually do what the GOP’s supporters did at the midterms and stay home, but she is also just as likely to get those same GOP voters to turn out again where perhaps a more ostensibly normal face like Biden or Richardson wouldnt.

    But then again, I still have money on Gore entering the race before December 31st and I think that if he did he could actually take it from her. We’ll see.

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