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Chris Packham is an Extinction Rebellion supporter who is never off the BBC, from which pulpit he preachily barks at everyone else to restrict and curtail their lives because climate change. He’s also made a bundle of money leading expensive tours around the world.

For example, Packham has acted as a guide for holidaymakers on a £14,000 per person trip to Papua New Guinea, an 11-day cruise on the “exceptional True North Boat”, run by Steppes Travel, a specialist company that “carefully creates pioneering journeys in the world’s far-flung places”.

The present and environmental campaigner has also travelled with Steppes to Alaska in November 2019 producing a photo diary reproduced on its website and in its magazine.

The company acknowledges the ‘climate emergency’ and says it is working “to reduce our carbon footprint”.

Packham also admits to having done “lots of trips tour guiding” for another firm Spencer Scott Travel in Cuba, Peru, South Africa, Botswana and Uganda. “Check them out if you want something special,” says Packham on Spencer Scott Travel’s website that includes a link to his own personal homepage.

“The plebs must stay at home, but not me because my name sells the tours, I’m needed and I get paid a lot of money.”

Sod off.

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