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In honor of Romney’s solid debate win, it seems appropriate to offer a celebratory lagniappe.

**R-rated language warning


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8 thoughts on “Palate Cleanser

  1. Cripes.

    I might have been able to listen if it hadn’t been set to music from the planet zog.

  2. Daphne for the win!!!!!!!!!!

    I seriously wonder how much crap you had to wade through to find this gem

  3. That would be planet Gangham style, Pete. Otherwise known as South Korea’s biggest pop sensation.

    It fell in my lap, EP.

    It would be great to find something similar on Obama, but the right doesn’t do political funny very well – they tend to comes across as cranky and hateful.

  4. no they tend to get called racists.

    Lefty world is allowed to say, what they want, have sex with whoever or whatever they want, they can hang with communists, domestic terrorists, islamic terrorists. do drugs, molest young women it’s all good

    We on the other hand are held to a different standard. Sometimes that can be a bitch, but for the most part it’s ok because those of us on the right have standards.

    The lefts actions and acceptance of actions speaks for itself

  5. LOL Troll

    With the number of sex and drug scandals coming from the republicans in Washington you still try and claim the moral high ground, you do irony very well

  6. What the flick is “Gangham style”? If that’s the latest pop sensation, I’m glad to be well out of touch.

  7. With teenagers underfoot, I don’t have the luxury of being out of touch, Pete.

    I’d love to see the expression on your face chaperoning one of my son’s school dances. I bring earplugs to withstand the musical onslaught.

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