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The shameless politicization of Ted Kennedy’s life will continue unabated for some time, I am sure.  In the meantime, however, I offer up this eulogy to the end of an era, The Kennedy Era.

I’ve always  liked the melody of this song. The words are sad, thoughtful. The video has some great scenes from long ago.  With the passing of Ted Kennedy, we see the final chapter of what was “The Kennedy  Era.”

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2 thoughts on “Partisan Politics Aside

  1. John and Robert were the potentially great Kennedys

    Especially Robert.

    I so hope that we won’t have every member of the family propped up as candidates for every office, in the name of public service

  2. The point is that everyone is potentially great. Which is why many of those most revered are those who never lived long enough to disappoint.

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