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The Primary Vote in Pa. was still a mess. It is the next day and we still don’t know who won the Senate nomination on the Republican side. There were multiple problems with the voting machines and the ballots, nothing has really been done to prevent an election being corrupted just as it was in 2020. The Unconstitutional changes have tet to be corrected, and will not be before the Midterms.

Doug Mastriano won the Republican nomination to run for Governor much to the chagrin of the Political Elite of both sides. Pennsylvania is what is known as a “Machine State” both parties are controlled by a very small group of money and power brokers. The majority of the Republican Politicians are exact clones of their Democrat counterparts. Both sides have entrenched control of their parties political nominees and funding. You can’t even run for office without their backing. Mastriano bucked that system and won the nomination.

Mastriano is hated by his fellow Republicans because he exposed the corrupt violations of the Constitution that took place in the Presidential election exposing Republicans that were involved and those who refused to fight against it. The State Legislature that he held office in controlled by his own party threw him off committees and fought against his trying to bring legitimacy back to our voting system. His response was an FU run for the nomination and the People backed him.

The Senate Race is a major mess. The Ballots were numbered wrong by the “Printer” and the voting machines couldn’t read them. It was a three-way race between Oz, McCormick, and Barnette. Oz had Trumps support, McCormick had the Party Machine support, and Barnette it appears even though very well liked when it came to the vote she didn’t have that much support at all. I voted for her because I believed that with the flaws all 3 of these candidates had she was the best choice for the State if not the party or the national level.

As of this writing the Vote is a statistical Tie between McCormick and Oz. No matter who is declared winner first there is an automatic recount because the margin is less than a half of a point percentage of the vote.

Once it is decided who has won the real fun begins…. we journey then into Midterm from Hell.

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