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Flu and pneumonia deaths now 10 times higher than Covid

New ONS data reveal that coronavirus deaths now make up just 0.8 per cent of all fatalities, down from 1.3 per cent

Ten times.

Everything is still Covid. All the headlines, comment and restrictions. The masks and distancing, the restricted attendances and the reason why you can’t see your GP face to face; Covid dominates everything, including the fears and emotions of millions. Meanwhile, there are other things out there which are of more immediate concern.

(ONS = Office for National Statistics)


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8 thoughts on “PERSPECTIVE

  1. I think that you’ve missed the point of the statistics. Look at the chart ( which I can only briefly do as the article is behind a paywall ).

    Covid deaths have gone down very significantly. That’s what the chart tells us.

    Deaths are down dramatically thanks to the vaccines – and also because of the masks, distancing, restricted attendances, the things that you guys fought tooth and nail every minute.

    The virus has killed a huge number of people and it remains changeable and dangerous. This game isn’t over yet.

  2. Daily cases are now exceeding 16,000 per day. At the start of this month they were below 5,000 so there is every chance they will be above 20,000 by the end of the month. This is all the Indian version whih Johnson allowed in by his criminal failure to stop filghts during the first three weeks of April, at least his fourth criminal failure since this nightmare started.

    The good news is that the vaccines are preventing a surge in hospital cases and deaths are very low. But this third wave could have been avoided by a half-competent government instead of the corrupt shambles that we have.

  3. The Indian variant is a big potential danger here, esp. in the vaccine shy states.

  4. the vaccine shy states

    You mean the Trump-voting states, or even the Confederate states, because there is a huge overlap as we all know. And it’s not a coincidence.

  5. Trump supporters receive their opinions from the likes of Tucker Carlson, Alex Jones and ” the great one ”

    Tucker has been anti Vaxx, Jones is very vehemently against vaccines, and Levin is dishing out the usual aggrieved confusion.

    This remains the movement that kills its own people. If the Indian variant runs wild in the US, unvaccinated largely Trump supporters in the Midwest and South will be in the greatest danger.

  6. Daily cases (not a diagnosed disease but an unreliable positive test) have been on the rise because Scotland has recently ramped up testing.

    A load of asymptomatic (or “healthy”, as we used to say) Jocks have just been told they have it.

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