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The word in the title has many meanings. One meaning is the means by which an artist gives depth to a picture by showing larger trees or figures in the foreground, and smaller ones in the presumed distance, in the same manner as we perceive things in the natural world. The other is choosing that which is more important to us, or indeed the nation, in times of worry or scarcity. It could be said that, by arranging to watch the Royal Wedding on television rather that trundling down to London in my motorised bath-chair, complete with attached side-car for my wife, the correct perspective has been achieved.

So the question is, by revealing my personal devastation at not applying for any Olympic tickets at all, never mind my greater upset at also missing the deadline for applications, are my words viewed within the correct perspective?

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2 thoughts on “Perspective

  1. The organisers insist that, throughout the process, they have urged the public to only bid what they can afford.

    Sound advice from organisors of a £20billion+ three week event our bust economy cannot afford.

    No worries, the propaganda machine is up to ramming speed. If you’re lumbered with a load of tickets you can’t afford then stick’em on ebay. There are enough unthinking drones about who are already giddy with excitement. You’ll probably trouser a profit too.

  2. They’ll be giving Olympic tickets away for free and the stands will be filled to capacity by the UK’s hoards of free-loading, Social welfare parasites.

    Where are the Allah Akbar dudes when you need ’em?

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