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The strongest storm in years is due in a few hours, possibly the strongest since the Met Office, in 1987, famously failed to spot hurricane force winds just before they flattened southern England.

Should be fun on the roads in the morning then.

I’ve just seen that the government is ‘taking the lead’ in preparing for the storm, with the Prime Minister chairing meetings with ‘key’ government departments.

We’re doomed.

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27 thoughts on “PLEASE GOD NO, NOT THIS

  1. Peter, on October 27th, 2013 at 6:03 PM Said:
    Cameron “taking charge” reminds me of King Cnut and the tide.

    Cameron the pathological liar and fraud reminds me of King Cnut too .. only it’s spelt slightly differently

  2. Harri –

    The mental cabbie’s always entertaining, but I fear for his blood pressure.

    I see now that government and the Red Cross are advising people to stock up on torches, battery-powered radios, water and to charge up mobile phones. Yep, Sunday evening’s the time to do the first three!

    Those mad preppers with all their supplies don’t have to worry of course. It’s interesting how government and other agencies have taken to advising people, in recent years, to do what preppers have been derided for.

  3. Point of pedantic historical order.

    Cnut’s been unfairly maligned. He knew he was just a man with no power to command the sea, so he got his feet wet to demonstrate it to a fawning, obsequious court.

  4. According to the State propaganda wing of the BBC, we are at ‘Amber level warning’ not quite Def-con III and armageddon Zombie apocolypse level .. but pretty close apparantly 😉 .. Dear God, someone somewhere please make it all stop


    I worry for everyones blood pressure with the current bunch of pathological lying self-serving inept charlatans in charge

  5. Pete, yes I know. But the inaccurate version that he tried to stop the tide has prevailed in folklore, maybe because it’s more fun.

  6. Aileen, on October 27th, 2013 at 6:17 PM Said:
    I think my willow gazebo may not be about next week

    It will still be there, in fact going by the Met-offices and the BBC record on weather prediction, you might even be able to use the willow gazebo and throw a BBQ 😉

  7. Piers Corbyn predicted this storm weeks ago, and he’s put out an alert saying that this is a big one (pdf). Maybe this should be Storm Piers in his honour.

    It might be a good idea to move garden chairs etc inside and make sure your motor isn’t under any trees.

  8. But the inaccurate version …….. has prevailed in folklore

    As always.

    How is the weather down there?

  9. Nothing yet in the middle of the south of England, which is right in the path, apparently. Just a bit of rain.

    I see now that flights and trains have been cancelled. It’s all doom on the news, but I’m sure The Hebrides gets this weather a few times each year.

  10. It’s all calm but with a few spots of rain here in London. The newsreader on SKY NEWS just went live to a reporter at Victoria station and expressed surprise that trains were still running. For pities sake.

  11. The newsreader on SKY NEWS just went live to a reporter at Victoria station and expressed surprise that trains were still running. For pities sake.

    If you listen carefully you would have heard the thud of many heads hitting those tables, Skynews is now almost as bad as BBC news.

  12. The fact that trains are running actually is a surprise.

    A few years ago, I flew from Belfast to London, only to see that the Stansted to Liverpool St ( London ) train had been shut bt an inch or two of snow.

    You should lgive todays train operators a medal for heroism.

  13. ” . . . the government is ‘taking the lead’ in preparing for the storm . . . ”

    You mean the bastards have left the country ?

    Woo hoo ! Lets party !

  14. It appears that everything the Government get involved in turns to shit, it is as still as a summers evening here now 😉

  15. Well, it’s gone midnight and apart from a few puffs of wind it’s dry and mild up here, in the free republic of Berwick.

  16. Ah, A bit on the wet and windy side this morning in Hertfordshire.

    Not bad enough to not get into work though 😉

    Be safe.

  17. Well the storm appears to be over. My willow gazebo is still there but the roof that used to come to a point at the top now points down. Convex to concave.

  18. I see that the Irish Coast Guard rescued two American tourists in County Antrim.
    Well done, men.

  19. On a brighter note (pun intended) a couple of large Willow trees have been blown down over the farmhouse opposite, I will be there with my chainsaw ASAP 😉

    Thankyou wind, more free heat for winter.

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