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This is a scam and for once I agree with the Teaching Unions!

More than £570,000 has been paid out in compensation claims to schoolchildren in Northern Ireland since 2008, new figures have revealed. Documents from NI’s education and library boards show that in one case a six-year-old boy received £70,000 after a door was closed on his thumb. In another incident a 14-year-old was paid £62,500 when he was hurt while climbing to retrieve a football.

In total £578,120 was paid out by education boards between 2008-2011. The Southern Education and Library Board had the biggest bill at £245,059 for 12 claims, while the North Eastern Education and Library Board spent £129,250 on compensating injured pupils. Teachers’ unions have blamed TV advertisements for creating a “compensation culture” in Northern Ireland.

And who is behind these TV Ads? Lawyers!

Perhaps De Vere had it right when he opined in Henry IV Pt 2

“The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.”

Except their associated would sue! The other point is that in fairness, were it not for greedy parents, the lawyers would not be extracting all these hundreds of thousands of OUR taxpayer cash.

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2 thoughts on “PLEASE SIR!

  1. A claims culture has become firmly established. Only changes to the law will put a stop to the opportunist, ambulance-chasing lawyers.

  2. I don’t entirely blame the lawyers who no doubt see government departments as a soft touch. Judges and the Insurance Companies are equally to blame. Insurance companies frequently pay up because they believe that this is cheaper than fighting a case; they recover their money by increasing premiums.
    But what judge in his right mind awards £70,000 for a crushed thumb, it is totally out of proportion. If the incident had happened in, say, Marks and Spencer or Tesco, does anyone think that they would have paid out that kind of money?

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