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There is no way the Police should have apologised for this!



Good for the Police for catching illegal immigrants yet within a short period we read this…

“Police have apologised after being branded racist for sending a tweet saying “Officers 1 Immigrants 0″. A Guildford officer sent it from Surrey Police’s Twitter account after eight illegal immigrants were arrested at a car wash in Burpham. The post was criticised by a number of Twitter users and was quickly deleted with another Tweet apologising subsequently posted.”

Why apologise? The Police are so politically correct these days that even when they DO good – as in this case when the apprehended 8 illegals –  they then grovel.

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7 thoughts on “PLOD TURNS WAYCIST!

  1. When you work for the State, you HAVE to “grovel”.
    It’s got you by the wage-balls, to say nothing of the pension-balls.

  2. I have little time for “political correctness” but also little time for incorrectness. It should have been “Officers 1 ILLEGAL Immigrants 0”. They were right to apologise. The apology should be about the focus on immigration as opposed to illegality.

  3. I think you’re right, Aileen.
    This is the problem with Twitter; people type-in first, and think later.
    I kind of microblogging Tourettes syndrome.

  4. Bernard

    Possibly but it does make me wonder what the priorities of the individual were. On the other hand the notion that “immigrant” = “illegal immigrant” is contagious and people use the term unthinkingly.

    Twitter scares me rigid and with my typing (non)skills. I daren’t risk it.

    Not Twitter but I am in quite a bit of pain and shortness of breath from laughing at these autocorrect phone messages. Seriously – it hurts!


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