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When they kick out your front door
How you gonna come?
With your hands on your head
Or on the trigger of your gun

Remember those loons who warned that this can happen when you cede too many powers to the state? Here we see residents raided, forced out of their own home, at gunpoint, by shouting paramilitaries and marched up the street, hands raised in submission, in America in 2013 –

And when it was over, these goons were applauded by the locals.

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29 thoughts on “POLICE STATE USA

  1. //Here we see residents raided, forced out of their own home//

    Oh, for God’s sake. They went up and KNOCKED on the door, and waiting for someone to open.
    British Forces in the UK used first kick the door down and beat everyone out.

    You don’t know what you were missing back then.

  2. ‘Terrorism’ is now being manufactured by the authorities to scare the hell out of Americans so that they will turn to the same authorities to ‘protect’ them. And seeing photos and video footage of the dupes in the ‘burbs applauding the 9,000 ‘heroes’ whilst chanting “USA USA” etc is worrying because it looks as though they won’t pull out of the tail-spin. The lies are now evident by the amount of photos taken – and nobody cares, or too few.

  3. Quite so, Allan.
    The US Department of Defence and the Pentagon have considerable say-so in the vetting of many modern war movies, and in making funds available for them too.
    It’s all part of the ‘softening-up’ process.

  4. I’m referring to your first comment Allan, not your second, which is patently absurd.

    Have you forgotten the live Falklands’ footage of that soldier half sitting up on a stretcher with half his leg blown away?
    He was steadying himself by holding on to the edge of the stretcher too.
    Actors, my arse.

  5. Pete Moore: you are the bomb (no pun intended) …you have taken “drama queening” deep into the jungle of unexplored territory…and made me very happy…such chutzpah…such song lyrics…..

    no, you do not embarrass yourself. you are only doing what begs to be done: you have created a new verb, “drama queening.”

  6. Fews – show me. But you have a history of believing whatever the government and its controlled propaganda outlets tell you, as one sees here.

  7. Allan if your theory is right, then how come your predictions about what would happen were completely wrong- you insisted that the other bomber… I mean innocent Chechen student would be killed rather than get taken alive.

    Surely if your ideas were any good then they would have some predictive value.

  8. Of course Allan had already made up his mind about the Boston bombings long before the events of the weekend.

    He is just adapting his story to fit the new conspiracy theory narrative.

    At least the reverse vampires weren’t involved this time.

  9. Allan’s mad theories are really getting on my nerves recently. He’s blocking and diverting otherwise good threads with this nonsense that very few read and none believes.

    He expects us to take seriously the claim that some dark and powerful forces created these bomb events and yet were still stupid enough to leave clues all over the place, let people with cameras photograph the “evidence” so that it can be immediately circulated on the Internet etc.

    Bad enough when about banking etc, but when we’re dealing with people who’ve lost their limbs it’s just obscene.

  10. Imagine Noel if he voted for the culprits and their ‘party’?

    Sick, isn’t it?

  11. And speaking of trolls trying to divert threads…

    The real story is how these two, seemingly normal US youths, became radicalised into brutal murderers.

    What I don’t quite understand is how, if it is the actual situation of Chechnya that radicalised the two boys, that has anything to do with the US (let alone innocent runners)?

  12. Sure why not let them out of jail and then vote them into office?

    You can call it a ‘peace process’ and reward them for not blowing up anyone anymore and pretend it is normal.

    Eh, Reggie lad?

  13. One potentialy good thing to come from this disaster is that since last Monday we haven’t heard a peep from North Korea and its ‘threats’ of nuclear warfare.

    Just how pissed must Kim Il Ping Pong be, to be thrust into the background by two delusional juveniles with nasty intentions – especially as he seems to be of a similar type himself.

    As has been said – ‘Life really is but one big pantomime’

  14. Mahons,

    No matter how this ended there were always going to be some who claimed it was a set-up/false-flag etczzzzzzzzzzz. It makes them feel more intelligent (hilariously) and gives meaning to their lives.

    It looks like the young chap is now communicating with the Feds. Let’s see how he justifies blowing up the town that provided him and his brother with refuge.

  15. Why does this little epithet come back in spades to haunt me when I see stuff like that.

    “They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

    Ben Franklin

    AND he was a yank as well -Learn your OWN history people.

    History..so great a subject that we are all condemned to repeat it over and over again…ad nauseum.

  16. Dog

    Except that the people of Boston and US did not give up any liberty in order for the BPD and FBI to go about their work.

    Who told you that Franklin opposed bringing criminals to justice? What thought process could possibly have led yuo there?

  17. The police were in and out. Did you miss that part: they got out. It was a police state for a moment in time. They screwed up a little. In the end, it worked out. Boston is moving on and so should you, wee pup.

  18. Little league started on Sunday, schools and libraries open, radio, television and newspapers flourishing, free association and speech, debates, poetry readings, people attended various houses of worship or declining to do so, political meetings of all flavors, theatre, movies, sports events, writers writing, speakers speaking, travelers traveling, musicians singing and playing whatever they wish, politicians damned or praised or shrugged at, etc. – Boston is a total failure as a Police State I am afraid, but don’t tell the conspiracy theorists, they will be so disappointed.

    My next stop in Boston will include a toast at The Black Rose, Mr. Dooley’s, and The Kinsale. After all, if we don’t keep drinking alcohol then surely the terrorists have won.

  19. Allan- I did read it, now can you answer my question- why are predictions you make on the basis of your theories- that the second bomber would be killed for instance- wrong?

    Does this not perhaps suggest a flaw in the initial ideas?

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