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I’ve been in NOLA for four days, and today its time to go home.

These business boondoggles aren’t as boondogglish as you may think. I’ve had up to eight meetings a day, all the while keeping things moving on my active accounts back home. Which means 430 am wakeup calls and go go go. Still you don’t hear me complain. I love to travel and I am very fond of this city.

On Saturday, I was able to sneak away to DBA, a pub on Frenchman Street. For a 20 buck cover you got to hear a 90 minute set by John Boutte, the jazz ? Musician who did the theme from the Treme HBO series. It was wonderful.

Good music and great food isn’t hard to find here.

In each of my four trips here, I’ve found the locals cheerful and kind.

Bourbon Street is like the nightmare scene from ” Its a Wonderful Life “. Which to me is not much of a nightmare at all – its loud, garish cheap bars cheek to jowl with great restaurants. Every night has the Mardi Gras feel.

NOLA is not just the French Quarter, though. I quite liked the Warehouse District, which is quieter, without the beads, one nice quiet bar or restaurant after the other.

The place is jam packed with tourists, including a bunch of US and British sailors on what has to be one of the best port calls they will ever see.

I know all about the city’s deep flaws, but I want to come back soon, to dig deeper in one of the more interesting cities in America.

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6 thoughts on “Postcard from New Orleans

  1. //to dig deeper in one of the more interesting cities in America.//

    Nice post. New Orleans is a unique place, and far from being the typical American city. In a way it’s more European – with its history, its Latin Quarter and relaxed attitude and above all it’s clearly identifiable centre, something you don’t get in many cities in the US.

    BTW, how long can you keep going if you get up at 4:30? If I rise so early, I tend to flag around 2 pm and can then think of nothing but how to get my head down for a few minutes. The prospect of conducting intensive meetings at that phase would be pure hell, and at most I’d be able to stagger around NO in a haze.

  2. Phantom – I lived there for 3 years. Before you go next time I will give you a couple of places to check out.

  3. Love Nawlins…some nice places in the Garden District too. While Bourbon Street is garish, you always have at least one interesting and/or funny story to tell when you leave there. I wake up at 4am every day; no alarm needed. Once birds start tweeting, I’m up.

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