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I suppose I have ended up as a veteran blogger and no, that’s not cockney rhyming slang. Somehow or another, ATW has been steaming along for around 15 years and what started as just a bit of an experiment ended up as part of my life and daily routine.   Years of posting stories brings a certain amount of ease and perhaps insight into what people want to read and I am always keen to showcase the talent of young people and encourage them. Here’s a blog by a young man, in his late teens, but he shows a remarkable maturity and he is keen to develop. Do me a favour and pop over to his blog and wish him well!

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  1. some good posts, he should be invited to post here.

    I tried commenting on his blog, but WordPress is so screwed up I couldn’t get logged in.

  2. This young man lives in the same area as myself, and of course had the same type of MP (solid Labour, solid from the neck up, smug, female, thinks she knows whats best for us all, useless)

    This young man has at least the beginnings of a voice, and the knowledge to refine it and use it.

    I really liked his definition of Employment…….Annoyed

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