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With an improving economy, falling unemployment, low interest rates, it’s vital that the LEFT change their narrative. They can no longer plausibly whinge that “austerity” isn’t working when it is all to obvious that it is – so, what to do?

I know, how about pretending that there is a ‘cost of living crisis” and that people are literally starving in this country. We have become Third World and not even seen it coming.

That’s basically where the current leftist political narrative now lies, as Food Banks open faster than coal powered power plants in China, and as we are told many people are having to choose between  “Heat of Eat” to just survive. Here’s a picture taken in Belfast yesterday and it shows just how much poverty we have amongst our young people….



It’s such a scam but the Left are shameless. They assured us that the economy could not improve unless we spent and borrowed more (the very thing that caused our problems) so when the daily economic news confounded that notion they have moved their tanks onto a different lawn. In this new situation, they allege that people NEED the State to control energy prices, to increase wages, and to get tough with business. It is unmitigated socialism but the irony is the British people are quite susceptible to such snake oil sales men and so I think it is possible that in 2015 they may return Labour – the party that all but ruined Britain  – to power.

If you tell sweet lies rather than harsh truths, you have a much better chance of getting elected. The likes of the MSM collude with the Left in their “cost of living” meme and if we have another year and a half of this drip drip drip who knows what voters will do?


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9 thoughts on “POVERTY IS ALL AROUND US…..

  1. //With an improving economy, falling unemployment, low interest rates, it’s vital that the LEFT change their narrative.//

    Wait a minute – wasn’t it the RIGHT that has been claiming for years that the western economies – with money printing, bailouts, the EU, welcoming immigrants etc – are heading for disaster.
    It’s you guys who are changing your narrative.

  2. When the facts work for them, they argue the facts.

    When the facts don’t work for them, they attack the opponent.

    This is the same slippery tactic used by defense attorneys, and here, by Republicans ( and their wholly owned Tea Phony subsidiary ) and Democrats.

  3. Britain isn’t eating?

    Thats terrible….really you should try to eat somthing.

    BTW is this place anywhere near the Britain mentione din these articles aboout how we have an Obesity crisis on our hands?


  4. Britain is indeed set to ‘become’ one of the biggest in Europe overtaking the power house that is Germany, but this is a prediction. Nothing in the report mentioned austerity measures, or that austerity measures were responsible for the growth – infact one of the three main reasons for the growth of the British economy, is ‘immigration’…but the right want restrictions on immigration! so work that one out. The other main reason for growth was being outside the EU, with one foot in and one foot out Britain was in a unique position, but theres a vote on Scottish independence and if the UK breaks up, this forecast is doomed, as is third world Britain.

    People aren’t eating, austerity isn’t working, it is not austerity that is building the economy, and with interest rates due to go up, in many parts of Britain people will be eating less….This is due to a have and have not areas throught out the british regions…

    any basic economist could tell you this, which is why DV is fudging the issue, he definitely doesn’t even have the basics in economics…

  5. Well I don’t see it as a mattter of Economics. I see it more as a very seasonal Miracle straight from the Baby Jebus.

    ‘Britain isn’t eating’ yet is widely claimed that Britain is THE fattest nation in the EU. How can both be true?

    Faith and Begorrah tis a miracle on the scale of ‘de loaves and fishes’…..are you alright there Father Ted?

    Go on Go on Go on.

    Happy New Year to one and all…..

  6. David – see all that money that those people in dynamic and thriving Belfast were spending. What do you think is its source?

  7. It is unmitigated socialism

    But the foodbanks are entirely funded by charity. I thought that’s what Rightworld wants to replace the welfare state?

  8. The UK economy may have improved slightly but it has a long way to go before it catches fire. The cheers are premature. Talk of overtaking Germany is just ridiculous.

  9. Talk of overtaking Germany is just ridiculous.

    I prefer being English to being German (were I offered that hypothetical) but I admire the German work ethic and their ability to pull together and build a strong economy.
    By contrast the arrogance of my own people lies in thinking we are somehow superior and so we will adopt another nation’s good idea, give it ‘our own particular twist’ and screw it up…
    Oh that and class warfare, which ensured the destruction of all our great industries.

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