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I read that eight of Ken Livingstone’s ‘cronies’ are to receive £1.6 million in
following Labour’s London election defeat, it emerged today.  The
former City Hall advisors will get an average of £200,000 each after
they threatened to sue new mayor Boris Johnson for unfair dismissal. They were forced to step down after Mr Livingstone was voted out as London mayor in May.  As they were political appointments, not permanent employees, they would not normally have received a penny. But they will now get six-figure pay-offs after Mr Livingstone changed the rules last year. Good old Ken, always looking after his own.

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3 thoughts on “POWER TO THE PEOPLE…

  1. Boris should have retained their services, changed the rules back to what they were before, and then dismissed them. Hhey are useless Trotskyite jerks who are the same trough as the rest of the political class.
    But how bright is Boris?

  2. <I>"But how bright is Boris?"

    Does Boris park his bicycle in front of the pub whilst over imbibing?

  3. The lefties are no better than the righties when it comes to looting the treasury.

    This reminds me of how the Sandinistas made sure they got their share of the stolen properties when assuming power, and again when they had to retreat from power.

    Most politicians are borderline criminals. Never forget that.

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