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Interesting to read that the top hierarchy of al-Qaeda has taken such a hit from US missile strikes that Osama bin Laden and his deputy have had to replace people in the terrorist organisation with men they have never met, according to Western intelligence sources.

A dozen of al-Qaeda’s “senior management” have been killed by Predator drone attacks, which have been so effective in locating their targets that the militant group has been forced to move from traditional outdoor training camps to classroom-style facilities that are hidden from view. After the success of the new weapons, which are unmanned and operate by remote control from 15,000 feet, the United States is to step up its drone attacks. On January 1 Hellfire missiles, operated from an air force base in Nevada, hit targets in the South Waziristan region of Pakistan, close to Afghanistan, and yesterday two missiles slammed into the stronghold where Baitullah Mehsud, the Pakistani Taleban leader, is believed to live. The killings have had a huge impact on the structure, organisation and effectiveness of al-Qaeda, limiting the capacity for commanders to liaise with each other, further separating the top command from the lower ranks and introducing a high degree of uncertainty and a constant awareness of the likelihood of death lurking in the skies.

This is smart tech at its best, wiping out Al Queda scum whilst ensuring US lives are not put at un-necessary risk.

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  1. Apparently AQ is also obsessed with informers. How is the US getting the intelligence on where to strike? Though unfortunately the big one still eludes them.

  2. >>eda has taken such a hit from US missile strikes that Osama bin Laden and his deputy have had to replace people <<

    What? He is still alive?

    Did you get this new info. from the same source that got you to claim he was dead about two years ago?

  3. your breaking noels heart first his hero is dead than alive…tsk tsk

    the nice things about the drones is that the majority of them are flown/controlled from bases inside the US some video game ain’t it…lol

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