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The following is the speech given before the United Nation’s on 9/21. I place this up for your viewing because it is the President of The United States. Like him, hate him, laugh at him, or just cry like so many Americans do when he appears in public. He is still the President, he holds a position that what he says could shape the world. Whether for good or ill will be written by History after his time in office is done.

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4 thoughts on “President Biden at the U.N.

  1. Countries with travel vaccine mandates by October:

    United States
    North Korea

    No wonder the Americans will not give up their guns.

  2. Although it pains me to say it, Biden and his travelling Democrat clown show, are unfortunately turning The USA into a circus.

    But, but, but..Orange man bad syndrome, can only last for so long, before that lit blue fuse, hits the button.

    The destruction is no longer a slow motion car crash, it’s a full head on campaign, deliberate, planned carnage of society.


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