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The following is four minutes of Jim Jordan giving a breakdown of the Double Standard two tiered Justice that has been taking place for a very long time, but has reached such a level of corruption that the Nation could actually fall.

The Hunter Biden Laptop is Real, it was always real. The FBI knew that a year before Joe was elected President. Yet the DOJ, The DNC, & what is referred to as the MSM all Colluded to hide the Criminal Activity that it showed. Keeping the American People ignorant of the fact that the man running for President had been bribed by at least 3 Foreign Countries.

He has done favors and implemented policies that have benefitted all 3 of these countries with ZERO Benefit to the American People. All Bribes were paid through his son. The Russians paid and got all sanctions lifted off their Pipeline. The Ukrainians paid and are getting an unlimited supply of Money & Arms. The Chinese paid and he is shutting off America’s Resources committing us to be an eternal Customer of products ONLY made in China just to go about our Daily lives.

Our Department of Justice has become nothing but an Army of Armed thugs at the command of the Democrat Party charged with framing their Political Adversaries and covering up their crimes as they commit them.

This must be brought to an end or the consequences will be extremely dire, for the Country and all of our Lives.

Watch and Listen to these four minutes and tell me, or ask yourself why you are not outraged.

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