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I have read few things so far this century that made me laugh as much as this, which is perhaps a shade too funny to be really satirical.

Unfortunately the link was on the same page as this, which could loosely be entitled “where’s my forty acres, as I’ve already got the mule!” I might be interpreting more than is evident within the printed page, but I foresee on the horizon the return of ‘Affirmative Action’ and all that entails for the white man in America, but there are glimmers of a backlash from the many other so-called ‘minorities’. It is strange that one almost never hears of calls from the Chinese, Vietnamese, Pakistani, Indian and many other polyglot American communities for their ‘rights’, in the light of the fact that some of those afore-mentioned ‘minority groups are also discriminated against by other Americans. We certainly do hear of statements asking why should our black brethren get more, just because they were discriminated against legally. As I understand America, it is more a state of mind than a place, where a person of whatever colour, can prosper on his merits and by his hard work; and the question must be asked why one proportion of that America expects a better deal because of their colour?

As neoconservative campaigner David Horowitz writes:- “The claim for reparations is premised on the false assumption that only whites have benefited from slavery. If slave labor created wealth for Americans, then obviously it has created wealth for black Americans as well, including the descendants of slaves. The GNP of black America is so large that it makes the African-American community the 10th most prosperous “nation” in the world. American blacks on average enjoy per capita incomes in the range of twenty to fifty times that of blacks living in any of the African nations from which they were taken. “


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14 thoughts on “probably fattening, definitely incorrect!

  1. Robert Mugabe was in new York a couple of years ago for some dealings at the UN (he’s quite a hero there), and he addressed a meeting of some black organisation (a white counterpart would be ‘racist’). Anyway, he got great cheers etc and then he said words to the effect of: you are the diaspora, come home to Mother Africa. That too got great cheers – but no takers. Blacks may (or may not) be stupid, but they aren’t that stupid.

    If it is such a terrible thing being a black in a white man’s world, it’s even worse being a black in a black man’s world.

  2. It’s a typical ‘chip on shoulder’ response one expects. Only blacks can be discriminated against, i didn’t get the job because i’m black etc. etc. It was old a long time ago and gets less interesting and more monotonous as the years go by.
    When you consider that Obama was elected on the most racist platform known to man it’s rather laughable. Black Americans voted for him in their millions for one reason and one reason only, because of the colour of his skin.
    Racism cuts both ways but nobody seems to notice (or care) anymore.

  3. When you consider that Obama was elected on the most racist platform known to man

    Please enlighten us with the racist policies he was elected on.

  4. Peter, why do you think that blacks in the Americas don’t want to return to Africa?

  5. Allan

    Because they are American, not African. You could ask the same question of Italian Americans, Irish Americans, Hispanics , WASPS etc etc etc. They are all American citizens regardelss of ancestry. It’s a silly question.

  6. Well Colm, blacks in the US are told that they are surrounded by racism. They are told that being sold into slavery was the worst crime of humanity, and yet there they are, in whitey’s world and many of them are doing quite nicely.
    No black in the US would ever want to go back to Africa. Living in whitey’s world is nice and comfortable: just a pity about the crime rates.

  7. Allan

    They are not in Whiteys world. They are in their own country.It is as much there world as white Americans. Why should they not criticise elements of it and it’s history that were not good for them. You are not shy about criticising many aspects of life and politics in the UK . Does that mean you should not be living here.

  8. ‘Please enlighten us with the racist policies he was elected on.’

    I would have thought that it was blindingly obvious?
    It’s estimated that between 95% and 98% of black Americans that voted went for Obama. I wonder why?
    I also wonder how many were Republican before Obama was nominated? Millions of whites also voted for Obama. It’s a pity (and clearly racist statistic) that only a small minority of Blacks voted for McCain.
    If that statistic dosen’t show that Racism is rife in the USA, i don’t know what would.
    That’s not to say that it’s Obamas fault, obviously.

  9. JM

    A similar proportion of Blacks voted for Clinton and indeed have always voted Democrat. If Obama had been the Republican candidate and won 98% of the Black vote only then would your argument really have had some merit.

  10. But at a certain point, blacks dropped Hillary Clinton and switched en masse to Obama. Which was based on race, lets face it.

  11. Maybe When they thought Obama could win, but so what can you blame them wanting to see a Black president for the first time ever. However the vast majority of Black Americans would have voted Democrat no matter what.

  12. I don’t criticize them for this – I found the prospect interesting and exciting myself.

    But the shift from Clinton to Obama came quite quickly when it did and it was based on race.

  13. "The claim for reparations is premised on the false assumption that only whites have benefited from slavery."

    How does he work that out?

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