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What do you mean? Danger? She only has a SmartPhone. 



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19 thoughts on “Progress?

  1. The prince was no genius.

    Still, this can only help Las Vegas tourism, aomits good. Their attraction is largely basd on it being a wild and crazy place where anything goes

  2. It was only when I read the comments that I realised this was about Harry the flasher. What is all the fuss about. I read that there were something like 25 people in the room, most of whom he had never met before. If he chooses to get naked in front of them is it any wonder about the outcome.

  3. I was thinking who has the fig leaf?

    Like colm until I read the comments I could only guess.

    If the prince wants to display the crown jewels and has the jewels to do it. Have fun…. who cares?

  4. Who cares?

    I suspect Harry cares by now. He’s a Sandhurst graduate and a captain in the British Army whoi’s probably just had the dressing down of his life, and quite right too.

  5. Pete,

    I believe the term used in the upper echelons of the Army is ‘An Interview without coffee!’ My brother, who served in the Royal Engineers for over twenty years, tells me that being literally ‘shat upon’ for some five minutes by a senior officer is not a pleasant experience!

  6. Literally?

    Its funny that people say literally when they mean ” not literally ”

    A quirk of the language

  7. Phantom

    Bearing in mind some of the ‘High jinks’ that can go on in the forces, perhaps the use of literally in Mike’s comment was err quite literal 😉

  8. Phantom

    Similar to Colm’s point, we can but hope Mike didn’t mean literally!

    I think it is something to do with literally having some connotation of emphasis. You hear it a lot on shopping channels, as in “this is literally flying out of the warehouse”!

    I would have hoped that the army had a better view of its priorities.

  9. I very much doubt if Harry got a serious dressing down. Despite what the official line may be, he will not be treated like any other ‘misbehaving’ soldier.

  10. //I very much doubt if Harry got a serious dressing down//

    What he actually needed was a serious dressing gown.

  11. “Despite what the official line may be, he will not be treated like any other ‘misbehaving’ soldier.”

    I very much doubt he gets any favours in barracks.

  12. Frankly he isn’t a teenager. He should know better. He has a duty to his family and his country and he let both down.

  13. His mother wasn’t that bright and maybe he isn’t either.

    Bill Bradley the basketball player was said to always be aware of where he was. This can’t be said of the prince.

    He’s always in the public eye. That’s why you don’t want to be a prince.

  14. I’d hardly say his life is a misery. He seems to be coasting happily through it. I get the impression he is happy to soak up the privileges that enable him to party around the world and doesn’t really care about the publicity it brings.

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