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The plane carrying Bertie Ahern to the "Good Friday Agreement" anniversary celebrations in Belfast was hit by lightning, it has emerged. The Gulf Stream jet, with 11 others on board, was struck by lightning on its final approach to Belfast City Airport on Thursday afternoon. An Irish government said the plane landed safely after what he described as "a huge flash".  Need I say more? I recall ten years ago after the scumbag politicians had done their sordid deal, the skies over Stormont darkened and hailstones fell.

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8 thoughts on “PROOF GOD EXISTS…

  1. A Gulf Stream jet? Don’t they slum it, these climate change warriors of the governing class?!

  2. Of course it is more likely GOD was demonstrating his approval (note Ahern was unharmed). Perhaps even heralding the arrival.

  3. Peter: Funny. In fairness, it is only proof that Ahern exists.

    But the idea of God heralding the leader of the Republic to the celebration of the GFA was too good to pass up.

  4. OTOH, perhaps it was a warning shot to express His disapproval of the private jet.

    An example of the weather we can look forward to in our dotage if that kind of thing keeps up.

  5. I love the (true) story about Cologne (Koln) cathedral in WW2. Its iconic twin spires survived many daylight bombing raids by the US Airforce in 1944 and 1945. The believers held this to be a miracle, but it turned out that the bomber pilots gave it a wide berth because it was such a useful landmark in daylight raids.

  6. I’m just thinking, If God (and I’m not disputing His existence) had wanted to "call Bertie home", so to speak, then one of the least efficient ways of doing so would be by hitting his aeroplane with lightning, as surely God knows all about the Faraday principle? (If an electrical storm starts up, leave your home and get into your car – you’re much safer, there!)

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