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A word about those alleged peaceful activists bobbing about on the Flotilla of Hatred. Check out the video below as these “humanitarians” show their peaceful intent  by beating IDF soldiers to within an inch of their lives with metals bars, then they throw an IDF soldier overboard in a further act of extreme peacefulness; In truth they are vicious hate-fueled savages. The fact that the “International Community” unites to condemn Israel is predictable, if nauseating.

It seems to me that so much of the world wants Israel to lie down and let Hamas and their pals tramp them into the dirt. But the spirit and resolution of the Israeli people is admirable and I stand 100% behind them. ATW – PROUD to support Israel. That these floating fools refused the generous offers from Israel AND Egypt to take their aid to Gaza tells you all that you need to know. The refusal of the media to tell the Israel side of this is a scandal but then, as you may remember when Israel defended itself against the savages in Hezbollah, biased reporting is par for the course.

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59 thoughts on “PROUD TO SUPPORT ISRAEL….

  1. >> Check out the video below as these "humanitarians" show their peaceful intent by beating IDF soldiers to within an inch of their lives with metals bars<<

    Aaw, those poor commandos. Look, there were just out for the day, peacefully storming a boat in international waters – actually looking quite fetching in their body armour and machine guns; ideal for parties – and then those BAD protestors came and started beating them. So much for Arab hospitality to friendly visitors, now really!

    By the way, David, you seem to have given up on the "armed-protestors-in-ship" line, as has poster boy Netanyahu, who this evening was on whinging about his troops being "beaten, clubbed and stabbed" etc. but uttered ne’er a word about firearms.

    That will probably turn out to be your 7th brazen lie to mark the occasion of "Memorial Day Weekend". And the present post will no doubt in time add to your total.

  2. All that non-violence the Peace Flotilla learned from Gandhi and King I reckon. Or was that learned at the Paul Quinn beat the shite out of someone school?

  3. Charles

    Paul Quinn? Who? In the memory hole.
    Hamas genocidal violence? In the memory hole

    The anti-Semites slither all over the place but ATW continues to proudly stand by Israel.

  4. Something to help the children understand just what is going on in the Middle East….

    ‘The left-wing blogosphere is full of useful idiots, who pretend that the flotilla which just was stopped by Israel was a humanitarian mission.

    The flotilla was organized by the Islamist government in Turkey to aid Hamas with the goal of opening up shipping channels for Turkey’s new friend, Iran, to ship more and better weapons as it is doing to Hezbollah in Lebanon. Iran is busy turning Lebanon and Syria into one large missile launching pad against Israel, and a southern base in Gaza will complete the encirclement of Israel for the coming crisis over Iran’s nuclear program.

    The Europeans on the ships were cover, and the placement of an 18-month old child on these ships was the utmost cynical use of a human shield.

    If getting humanitarian supplies to Gaza really was the goal, this flotilla was not necessary. The supplies would have been off-loaded in Eqypt or Israel and then shipped in by land after being checked for hidden weapons.

    And that is the rub, only sea-based shipping would provide Iran with the mechanism for almost unlimited armament of Hamas. There is a limit to the quantity and size of missiles and other armaments which can be smuggled through tunnels from Egypt. That is why the sea blockade must be broken for Iran to get what it wants.

    But the useful idiots (no offense to idiots) in the left-wing blogosphere ignore this reality, and use the incident for their ultimate goal, which is the cut off of U.S. support for Israel.’

  5. David,

    "The refusal of the media to tell the Israel side of this is a scandal"

    Yes, it’s shocking. Adonai! The world will never know that 1,436 brave Israeli troops were massacred while they were politely requesting a ship full of suicidal towel-heads to heave to.

    But the truth will out. I have every confidence in your fair and unbiased take on the problems that beset our world.


  6. "the Islamist government in Turkey"

    the phrase IS rather redundant, isn’t it RB.

  7. Barbi,

    See what you miss while when you bury your curly haired head in the Daily Mail!…:-)

  8. Charles,

    "the phrase IS rather redundant, isn’t it RB."

    Explain, please.


    "See what you miss while when you bury your curly haired head in the Daily Mail!…:-)"

    Explain, please.

  9. I know I shall be missed, but I’m off for a 200 mile drive to Ft Hood. Tomorrow is a special day, as the jihadist scum Hassan is being brought back to the fort to hear the charges against him.


    "Explain, please." Of course the turkish govenment is Islamist. I’m not a Rabbi, but I know that! 😉

  10. The ability of Israel to twist the phrase "self defence" always impresses me. Here, however its reached its zenith.

    I mean, its not enough to occupy land for forty years and then claim your counter-insurgency operations are all self-defence, and the insurgency itself is the aggressive action.

    Here, they land their elite units on a ship in international waters and when those on the ship fight back with sticks and catapults, being killed in the process, the commandoes are the ones claiming self-defence.

    And what Paul Quinn has to do with this, I’m not sure. If anything he has more to do with the dead civilian protestors rather than the alive and armed commandoes.

  11. Rabbi,

    What’s up? – having problems with understanding, – or is it reading you have a problem with?

  12. Charles, Ernest,

    I suspect you may have difficulties with the difference between "Islamic" and "Islamist".

    No sweat. We can’t all be up to speed.

  13. Andy,

    "And what Paul Quinn has to do with this, I’m not sure."

    Nothing—and everything.

    Charles, did you know Paul? If not, your "RIP Paul" makes little sense. One may as well say "RIP Dennis Hopper".

  14. Aye, the peace activists certainly came tooled up for peace.

    It’s unarguable from the footage that the Israeli commandos were in mortal danger immediately. The Trots, Marxists and other Leftist filth backing this rabble have said all day that the commandos fired immediately into sleeping civilians.

    Well not on that deck.

    If the Cypriots hadn’t been so diligent, the reception party would have been armed in the usual islamic terrorist fashion, so well done to Cyprus for sparing many lives.

    Congratulations and best wishes are due also to the Israeli commandos for their moral forebearance and restraint in the face of violent provocation.

  15. Colm,

    Your welcome. It’s not a site I read often, but that item did seem to restore some balance to the hysterical rantings doing the rounds. It all reminds me very much of the ‘bombed ambulance on the beach’ scam of a while back…

  16. >>The anti-Semites slither all over the place but ATW continues to proudly stand by Israel.<<

    Ah, I love it! You’ve lost the game and the argument. Now all that’s left you is a bit of flag waving.

    Even poor Netanyahu was looking so contrite and sorry for himself on TV tonight. And to think how only recently he was looking forward to his trip to Washington!

    Ernest, I don’t know where you picked up that set of lies from, but as it was probably the same as David’s source for his trash, I’ll ignore it.

    This has been a PR disaster for Israel and its policy towards the Palestinians, and that is to be welcomed. The world is today much more aware of Israel’s inhuman policy towards the Palestinians; how it is behaving increasingly like the ugly Herrenmenschen that in so many ways seem to be its role model – deciding how many calories the inhabitants of the ghetto need to survive (roughly a third of what Charles’ Texans stuff themselves with), which foods to let in and which to deny them, which toys their children may play with and which toys (plastic ones!) they can only dream of.
    For our generation as disgusting as
    this was in a previous one.

  17. I of course did not know Paul personally, but he, like the solders here,had the misfortune to fall in with the wrong sort of "peaceful" people, who can savagely beat a man with an iron bar, over and over again. Terrorists are terrorists, whether the IRA with Quinn, or the jihadists here. No grey shades, black and white.

  18. Pete,

    Well done. True to form. Did you, er … well, probably not … did you consider the lives lost this morning? The widows, orphans, survivors?

    Knee-jerk reactions are fine but for heaven’s sake do try to show a LITTLE bit of humanity—even if it’s difficult for you.

  19. Charles,

    Your being a long way away, in Texas, the term "whataboutery" would perhaps mean little to you. But it’s how I view that totally uncalled-for and irrelevant reference to Paul Quinn.

    We’re discussing the Middle Fucking East here.

  20. who can savagely beat a man with an iron bar, over and over again.

    Many men drop in on your property Ernest in the middle of the night armed to the teeth? What do you do for them? Cup of Earl Grey perhaps?

  21. I’m well aware of the term, RB, having been of ATW for many years. As I say terrorists are terrorists and the IRA and Hamas are birds of a feather. (Luckly the IRA wasn’t in charge here or the whole damned boat would have gone up a la Montbatten.)

  22. Charles

    Israel would have been within it’s rights to have sunk these floating Hamas enabling repositories. But once again, Israel shows restrain. Hamas and the IRA are the same thing which is one reason so many of our dear republican chums whine.

  23. David,

    "Hamas and the IRA are the same thing which is one reason so many of our dear republican chums whine."

    Fair enough. So explain my "whine". I asked Pete whether he felt anything for those dead and their survivors. How about you?



    You’re human, right? Show it, please.

  24. Rabbi

    Why would I seek to explain your whine? I feel nothing for Hamas enablers, just like I feel nothing for IRA scum.

    I am human, and I understand that those who seek to live by the sword – as does Hamas and their endorsers on the Flotilla – just need to understand that sometimes they die byt the same sword.

    It seems to me that for some people, the Holocaust didn’t quite finish the job. Hamas, Iran – and a fair smattering in the "International Community" seek to finish things. Israel is a beacon of decency, moderation and restriant. Once more, I salute it.

  25. Rabbi Burns –

    I very much consider the lives lost this morning. Unlike a jubilant Hamas, I’m genuinely saddened for those they leave behind. However, I am a little comforted by the hope that some of those widowed will be women released from domestic slavery at the brutal hand of a Turkish thug.

    You were so busy posting this morning you may not have noticed that someone did not pile in, while you and others came here to laud Jew killers. That was me, thinking things over and seeing what I see from the evidence. So do excuse me while I brush off your accusation of a knee-jerk reaction.

    Do be sure, if the Israeli military had lined up men and women on deck and shot them in the head, you’d have a job getting your condemnation heard above mine.

    Most of all, I wish a swift death for the psychopaths of Hamas, who found a Gaza that Israel left to Palestinians and who immediately destroyed the economic infrastructure. I wish a swift death to the psychopaths who grow rich and fat on sending deranged youth to kill Jews. I wish a swift death on the psychopaths who exist purely and explicitly to kill Jews, who enslave and kill Palestinians on the way and who are the greatest impediment to a civilised life for anyone in Gaza.

    I’m sure you’ll join me in wishing a swift death to Hamas.

  26. Pete,

    "I very much consider the lives lost this morning."

    Good man. I await David’s consideration.

  27. >>Congratulations and best wishes are due also to the Israeli commandos for their moral forebearance and restraint in the face of violent provocation.<<

    Is this really the same Pete Moore who regularly tells us a man has a right to shoot dead an – even unarmed – intruder in his house, but now has gone all limp on us at the sight of a crew armed with bars beating soldiers with machine guns abseiling onto ther ship?

  28. Noel Cunningham –

    Unlike you, I wish a better outcome and life for people on both sides. Wishing for a final solution at the hands of dark age savages is for others, like you.

    So my position isn’t black and white and recognises a mess even in this one episode. The Marxists, Trots and terrorists are entitled to attempt a mission of support for their Jew-killing friends. Israel is entitled to defend itself against those who wish to seek a final solution to what they perceive as their own Jewish problem.

    The commie/terrorist rabble is entitled to defend their vessels, the Israelis are entitled to defend their families and homeland.

    Gee, it’s a terrible mess really, and call me an old reactionary, but I’ll generally side with the bunch which isn’t trying to bring about genocide and racial extermination.

  29. >>but I’ll generally side with the bunch which isn’t trying to bring about genocide and racial extermination.<<

    I believe you, but if your words about me are anything to go by, I very much doubt if you’d ever recognise which side that is.

    To say nothing of those on the ships, who you’d have us believe were on the way to Gaza to carry out a bit of Final Solution.

  30. RS,

    They were hadly unexpected were they? in fact they did all but invite the Israeli response. With nothing to hide, why did they not do what they have done for several months now, and allow their cargo to be inspected at the dock? – they were looking for a fight, which they wanted to lose, just to prove how victimised they are.

    I would have thought the Israeli’s might have found an answer to this sort of provocation, by now, – I admire their stoic tolerance, for all the nonsense thrown at them by the ‘international community’, they could have just sunk the boat, – as the North Koreans did recently, – and received no more hypocritical crap than they have already received.

  31. Pete,

    Gosh, what a wonderfully measured comment. I’d hate to see you when you’re exercised.

    As a matter of interest, how important is human life to you? Even when it’s contained within a swarthy body.

  32. Ernest,

    "I admire their stoic tolerance"

    At last I’ve found my perfect euphemism for murder. Stoic tolerance.

    Thank you, Ernest.

  33. Noel Cunningham –

    As if there was any doubt, you admitted today you support the faction trying to bring about genocide and racial extermination.

    And why not? It is a concept that belongs to the extreme Left afterall.

  34. Rabbi Burns –

    When that life is dedicated to killing Jews, I welcome its termination.

    I’m still sad at the situation and regret that dark age savages persist, but in the end I welcome their termination.

  35. Pete,

    Thank you for that. I do feel that the more, shall we say, right-wing element of ATW plumbed new depths of uncaring inhumanity today.

    I do hope it’s temporary and that a night’s sleep will lead to a change of heart.

    In any case I don’t think I can stomach any more of this odium.


  36. >>As if there was any doubt, you admitted today you support the faction trying to bring about genocide and racial extermination.<<

    A gross misrepresentation of what I said. Which if you are man enough to link to the thread everyone will see. I said they (Hamas) were a lously lot but are to be suported (only) in their struggle against a tyranny and occupation; the same as the Soviets under Stalin were a lousy lot but had to be supported in their fight against the Nazis and occupation. Or would you have supported a Nazi U-boat attacking a Russian ship’s crew armed with bars in 1942? NOW WOULD YOU?

    And why not? It is a concept that belongs to the extreme Right after all !

  37. Pete,

    Have you ever heard or seen such hypocrisy as these two – Noel and Rabbi, – have been spouting all day? If we didn’t know better we could be mistaken in thinking that they really cared!…

  38. >>Have you ever heard or seen such hypocrisy as these two – Noel and Rabbi, – have been spouting all day? <<

    Ernest, if you want we can bet on which side has been telling most lies today. It’s now easy to verify and (well for me at least) count them. How about it? Or are you also a uninformed chicken, or just uninformed?

    Basically you – but you are in good company on this – have been shown to be clueless on this issue and with the morality of a sewer rat.
    Whether you are also a coward will depend on whether you take me up on the bet. Now, go on….!

  39. Noel Cunningham –

    Yes, you support the faction which is trying to bring about the extermination of Jews. You said so, I said you said so. Look, you’re not debating with some halfwit here. I know the roots of Marxism, I know the concept of racial extermination is a Marxist concept that has never been disowned by the Left, I know the Soviet record of Jew-killing and co-operation with Nazi Germany.

    So I expect that the Left today still supports the chief modern proponents of anti-Jewish racial genocide. I’m just surprised lot still think you can somehow hide it.

    Ernest Young –

    It’s funny, isn’t it? The only compassion comes from one side, and it’s not theirs, but then they’re not a nice bunch when called out.

    Still, I’ll giv’em time. Maybe, just maybe, they’ll have the decency to acknowledge the hated Jews will still send on the aid to Gaza.

  40. >>you support the faction which is trying to bring about the extermination of Jews.<<

    You’re running scared from my Soviets analogy. Did you (had you been alive then) support the faction that suppressed free speech, sent thousands to Gulags etc, wishing those Artic convoys godspeed etc. or would you have supported the Nazis like so many others on the British Right did?

    Which? You would have had to support one of them at least in that war; and with your answer you are going either to overturn your own argument or vindicate my suspicions of your dark Nazi sympathies. (once the heavies in boots showed up on the boats today, all the lofty principle of right to arms and resistance evaporated)

    Because – 3rd time for the slow-witted – that is as far as my support for Hamas goes. They have committed crimes enough themselves, which I’m now somewhat tired of saying, but I very much support them in resisting Israeli occupation and oppression in Gaza. Look, if I lived in Gaza and the Izzies came in to knock down our people’s houses, I woud not just support Hamas, I would take a gun and do their bloody job myseff, firing guns into Israeli faces with gusto – and screw their religion and my religion. Just as you like to think you’d use a gun to stop an intruder, I would have no hesitation in using one on those bastards – or anyone else – if they invaded my homeland with a Master Race glint in their eyes.
    I am Irish and know that for an invader that discriminates against people on the basis of their religion, drives them from the land, smashes down families’ houses for the slightest resistance, and drives millions into exile the only answer is armed resistance.

    You once said you were proud of your Old IRA heritage. Well you can take it from someone who knows a sight more about that than you that the Brits were in those dark days in Irl. never as bad as the Israelis are now in their treatment of Palestinians. If the Irish were right to resist – whether the IRA, the CA or the Divil himself – then so are the Palestinians, and the form or organisation that resistance manifests itself in is – for the time being – irrelevant.

  41. Noel Cunningham –

    I ignored your Nazi-Soviet analogy because it’s no analogy at all where Israel is concerned. For the record, I couldn’t care who’d have won that as long as lots of Nazis and commies were killed.

    Yes, you support the harbingers of racial genocide, you’ve said so many times so let’s not have any of this "in resisting Israeli occupation and oppression in Gaza" business. How many Israelis are in Gaza tonight? None, yet you still support Hamas. You do so because – like many others – by "occupation" you mean "Israel". Not Gaza, not the West Bank, but Israel and the Jews occupy Palestinian lands, so Israel and the Jews can be targetted for extermination. As I said, you’re not debating with a halfwit and I know the language of the extreme Left.

    I said I’m proud of my Irish heritage, not IRA heritage. I simply acknowledge that a couple of my forebears were IRA men, but then the word is they were morons who’d do most things for a quid.

  42. Explain how this beneifts Israel – further international isolation and a Kent State/Bloody Sunday incident that will be invoked for decades.

    They could have easily prevented the ships from proceeding (within the blockade area) and avoided this fiasco.

  43. Been away, missed all this, but in a nutshell, Israel is not going to allow a cargo of Hamas weapons posing as a so-called "peace flotilla" to accomplish its true intent. The boats were asked to allow Israeli forces to offload their "cargo" offshore and they refused. That in itself tells me all I need to know. "Humanitarian supplies"?? I laughed so hard I nearly split my sides.

  44. Why on earth were they beating those lovely soldiers?!

    What would you do if armed pirates boarded your ship, Daivd, greet them with flowers?

    I really enjoyed the video though. One by one the pirate scum get a good beating as they arrive on the boat. Of the them gets thrown from the upper to the lower desk (30 feet I’m told)! Two of them have their guns taken from them by the activists.

    And these are the elite, the best of the best! LOL

  45. That in itself tells me all I need to know.

    Well it shouldn’t.

    Things like chocolate and pasta are on the banned list!

    There’d be no need for a flotilla if Israel wasn’t so sadistic.

  46. Well David, would you call the Scottish bandsmen that come to the north of Ireland every summer for ‘cultural’ parades ‘terrorist enablers’? Quite a few of them come over here to help deprived loyalist communities (just like the flotilla was attempting to help deprived Palestinian communities). So would you enjoy it if I were to kill them one by one?

  47. Noel,

    "Look, if I lived in Gaza and the Izzies"

    The Izzies! I love it. May I borrow that or do you hold the copyright?

    That said, I once had a girlfriend who called herself Izzie. She wasn’t Israeli though but German.

  48. Although the loss of life is sad on either side, you must know that it has not been reported that 15,000 tonnes of aid goes into Gaza EVERY WEEK after being checked the security forces, and since Isreal left Gaza in 2008 there have been approximately 300 ( yes 300 ) ROCKETS been fired into Isreal by Hamas from Gaza.
    If Hamas was so intent on rebuilding then why do they waste their resources on building and firing rockets with the intention of killing isreali lives? Even as recent as 2 days ago, 2 further rockets were fired from Gaza.
    It seems convenient that these and other facts that depict Hamas in their true colours ARE NOT REPORTED!
    Please support UNBIASED and IMPARTIAL reporting!!

  49. I think the ships should be impounded and the crews left to live in Gaza for a bit under the "all inspiring " leadership of HAMAS. Or perhaps they could be billeted within rocket range of HAMAS,then after a month or two they could be interviewed on TV.

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