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Bertie Ahern has been in London, shooting his mouth off to both Houses of Parliament at Westminster.  Doubtless the MSM will hail this as another ‘step change’ in the relations between the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.  For me, and many others, it will be nothing other than a crude attempt at showmanship in advance of an Irish General Election.  Does he really think one speech will change things?  This is a head of government that still pays lip service to the annexation of British territory (and had the unadulterated cheek to say so in the sovereign parliament of this United Kingdom!!); the PM of a country that was alone in post-war Europe in maintaining an illegal and immoral claim to that same territory; the leader of a party that helped to arm and encourage the first actions of the Provisional IRA; and the representative of a State where the Union Flag is almost non-existent in all the public places one would associate with displaying the flags of friendly neighbours.

Do me a favour, Bertie.  Hop back to Heathrow and get the hell back home!!

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