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The media love this lot, we can but wonder why?

“Another leading member of the UVF-linked Progressive Unionists, Policing Board member David Rose, has left the party. 

David Rose, who is a former deputy leader of the PUP, told the Belfast Telegraph the killing of Bobby Moffett had led to “a lot of soul-searching”. The murder of Mr Moffett, who was gunned down on the Shankill Road in May, has been widely blamed on the UVF. The PUP leader Dawn Purvis left the party shortly after the killing.”

Here’s the tricky bit for Mr Rose and Ms Purvis. Between the Belfast Agreement and the cold blooded murder of Mr Moffett, the UVF killed at least 25 other people. 25 LIVES taken by the savages in the UVF.

Why did Purvis and Rose not leave during those years?

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3 thoughts on “PUPS THAT YELP…

  1. Possibly for the same reason that the main unionist parties had no qualms with the UVF in the 1974/1977 Loyalist strikes . Hypocrisy anyone?

  2. Subby

    Your ability to miss the point is astonishing. We have been "at peace" since that glorious day when the Belfast Agreement came into being. The men of violence stopped their ..erm..violence. Apart from the dozens killed by the UVF, the terror wing of the..erm, PUP. Mr Rose and Ms Purvis are hypocrites of the highest order, maybe that's why Republicans so admire them?

  3. And why they had sooooo much support from the unionist community.

    Unlike the catholiic community, supporting mass murderers.

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