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I have always reckoned that homosexuals, lesbians, and all the rest of the perverts, really haven’t got a clue: and now there is proof!

Houston’s first openly lesbian Mayor has demanded to view and censor all religious sermons, mainly because of religious opposition to Houston’s new non-discrimination ordinance. The law, among other things, would allow men to use the ladies room and vice versa.


I always thought that, in America, what you believed was armoured by the Constitutional amendment for Freedom of Speech, but perhaps the bent Mayor is, indeed, living in another Country!


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22 thoughts on “Put your thumb in the Dyke

  1. If that is true,

    Houston sure as hell isn’t what it used to be and

    This request does not need to be complied with, it would be unconstitutional on its face, on both freedom of speech and freedom of religion grounds.

  2. Of course the actual story is different from what Mike pretends, but at least that will allow him to free his thumb for suckling purposes. The actual story is that subpoenas were issued in the context of a lawsuit (the Mayor herself can not issue them), by the City Law Department for specific pastors who were part of a lawsuit against a City Ordinance. Even the mayor agree the subpoena were overbroad.

  3. It was a non discrimination law, which included non discrimination against homosexuals. There is an anti-homosexual group that brought a lawsuit against it, among its crowd were apparently politically active pastors whose public statements, including sermons were apparently sought. It was not a subpoena aimed at all sermons, all pastors or even anti-homosexual sermons. One can Google and read more.

  4. Well this sounds exactly like the harassment of churches in this context that was predicted on these pages a few years ago.

    Including the idea that clerics who refused to perform same sex ” marriages ” would be harassed under anti discrimination laws.

    If this is happening in Texas, it certainly will happen in the UK and NYC.

    Anyone who doesn’t go along for the ride will be harassed under anti discrimination laws.

  5. Phantom – Sigh. There are no subpoenas issued to pastors not associated with the lawsuit. Every Pastor in Houston can stand up and denounce gays to their heart’s content.

  6. What kind of point is that?

    What type of anti discrimination lawsuits should pastors be subject to and which should they not be subject to?

    This sounds exactly and precisely like what was predicted, and all the wise heads said ” oh no it will never happen ” Except it is happening, in the state that used to be Texas!

  7. no Mahones is playing this down, this story broke a week ago and he is reciting left leaning talking points.

    If you boys are going to play the game you better start paying attention to what’s going on in the league, not just your hometown.

    The Mayor was behind it, and it was a direct attack on religious freedom. The State in this case the mayor was trying to use the power of her office to imtimidate the clergy.

    Period. It is a direct violation of the First Amendment. It’s is the exact shit people like us are supposed to be outraged by no matter if it was the Catholic Church, or the Gaiann Church of Satan’s Left Ass Cheek.

    If you don’t understand that you are further lost than you know.

  8. Peter gets this exactly right. The actual story doesn’t matter – this is Cunningham venting his spleen against the Gay community. The facts take second place, and commenting further only increases a comment count which the homophobic bollocks he writes doesn’t deserve.

  9. Facts matter.

    It turns out the subpoenas were sent by outside attorneys working for the city pro bono.

    They were looking into what instructions pastors gave out to those collecting signatures for a referendum on the non-discrimination law. (What exactly the pastors said, and what the collectors knew about the rules, is one of the key issues in pending litigation around whether opponents of the law gathered enough signatures for a referendum.)

  10. More facts.

    It turns out there is a bit more to the story—but the episode is nonetheless very unsettling. When the city rejected the petition on the ground that the signatures were invalid, some opponents of HERO—not the pastors themselves—challenged the city’s decision in court. The city issued the subpoenas in connection with that litigation. The theory, as I understand it, is that because these pastors helped organize the petition drive and hosted meetings, the pastors’ statements about the petition are important. I guess the idea is that the pastors may have said something that induced phony signatures.

    Now, given the rules of pretrial discovery, one must concede that there is some plausibility in the city’s argument—some. In an American lawsuit, attorneys can ask for all sorts of information before trial, even if that information is not strictly relevant to the litigation, as long as the information seems reasonably likely to lead to relevant and admissible evidence. This broad standard is meant to allow parties to uncover all the facts. So when the city says it would like to know what the pastors may have said about the petition drive itself, that’s not a completely untenable position, given the freewheeling rules of American pretrial litigation.

  11. Phantom, I’m slightly surprised that you would buy into Mike’s wildly ignorant take on this issue.

    This is a man who disdains all people not white, excluding Ghurkas of course. Why would you suppose he feels any less biased towards gay folks?

  12. All my antennas are activated when I hear about any pastor being asked to send any government or court official or lawyer allied with a mayor a copy of a sermon for nearly any reason.

    Can anyone think of any previous cases where sermons were subpoenaed, for political reasons ?

    Even when Martin Luther King or other political churchmen engaged in civil disobedience did anyone in government or their allies ask to them to turn in their sermons for review?

    This doesn’t trouble people, regardless of where they stand on the issues?


  13. Phantom – The “sermons” are not be turned in for review. Don’t be ridiculous. How many gay marriages has the Catholic Church been forced to allow since gay people could be married. Answer oh wise heads – none.

    Peter – If I didn’t dignify insane rants with comment how would I comment here? Point me to a fact-based post on ATW with the exception of Phantom’s and to a lesser extent David’s. The place has gone bat shit crazy with zero accountability for credible posts.

  14. Phantom, this was a faith based referendum recall. It was instigated by social conservatives through their churches – local pastors played a key roll in signing up block walkers to acquire the necessary signatures to place a vote recall on the upcoming November ballot.

    Thousands of signatures were deemed invalid, in the main because the signatories were not registered to vote in the city proper.

    In other words, many of their block walkers worked the county suburbs – not the city proper in order to gain enough signatures.

    I’m fed up with Evangelical Christian’s screaming no foul when their tax exempt churches are heavily involved in political measures.

    Call those bigoted bastards into court and hold them to the same account as every other PAC.

  15. what about the all the politics that are conducted from the Pulpits in the Black Community Daphne, are you just as outraged at that?

    Look Mike as far as I’m concerned earns himself a place next to Allan with his personal sentiment on the gay community. This issue has nothing to do with that.

    This is a violation. PERIOD

    I don’t care what was said from the pulpit, it’s it’s inviolate.

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