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The team at Top Gear tries to determine which is the best form of transport during rush hour in London. They race each other through the capital using public transport (a mix of bus, tube and DLR), a car (with satnav, the police and the CC to contend with), a bike (rather him than me) and a boat. Brilliantly edited, a nice snapshot of life in the capital, topical and full of humour. Really good fun. In 3 short parts. I won’t tell you the result

part 2
part 3

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7 thoughts on “race through london

  1. The £1200 bicycle won. I’m happy.
    The team sure know how to swallow up public money with extra goodies like helicopter, camera-cars and following speedboats.
    Nice work if you can get it.

  2. Loved it Alison, great fun. We need to laugh more otherwise what with Gordon and the Saudis we’ll go mad.

    You have to admit Colm Jeremy Clarkson has got a lot of ‘presence’ and ‘energy’ we need more people like him preferably in government!

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