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“He has not been talking … he is not looking good. It’s clear that something is troubling him.”

A few suggestions as to ‘what is troubling him’:-

  • He was shown photographs of President Zuma’s new palatial estate, all paid for by the few taxpayers left in the country.
  • He has just realised what a disaster has befallen South Africa after the A.N.C. took power, and proceeded to impose a rule defined by crime and corruption.
  • He learned, for the first time, the true numbers of Afrikaaner farmers who have been murdered by A.N.C.-sponsored killers.
  • He has been told that his suggestion that all police officers should wear masks during the commission of murders and violent robberies had been rejected, as everyone knew that they would never face justice even if eye-witnesses swore that they committed those crimes.
  • He learned that his ex-wife Winnie had just been elected as the ‘Woman of the Year’ following from her speech celebrating the necklacing of ‘informers’.

Or it could be that he is just getting ready to die.

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3 thoughts on “Rainbow is discoloured

  1. I read that certain black militants have ‘white-wash day’ planned for when Mandela croaks. White-wash day will be a day of mass slaughter of whites, especially farmers.

    Genocide looms for white farmers

    – The government, meanwhile, has already launched a campaign to disarm Afrikaner farmers. As Genocide Watch observed in a recent report on South Africa, disarmament of the target group is one of the surest warning signs of impending genocide. –

  2. Well Fews, what’s the murder of a few thousand white farmers as a precursor to the elimination of whites in SA? It will be interesting to see how the apes blacks feed themselves.

    But there’s more than one way to eliminate whites. Here’s how it’s being done UK-style:

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