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Just to advise everyone that you should re-register for ATW. The hack has caused a lot of hassle but we can get over it!

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12 thoughts on “RE- REGISTERING!

  1. Re-Regestering was a snap.

    I just hired a computer consultant @ €50 per hour and bingo! 6-hours later I was registered!

  2. best of luck with the recovery, I would imagine the next few days will see all the old names re-register.
    Have you found out how the hacker got in?

  3. I set up new accounts for all of the Writers when we went live, and it seems that at least a couple of the automated emails have ended up in local spam email boxes. If anyone hasn’t has theirs then please register as a Commenter and then email me (or David). We’ll upgrade your account to the correct rights level.

    But check your spam box first. The account email should be in there.

    All Seeing Eye

  4. I’m still working on the forensics but the logs of large hosting companies aren’t geared up to keeping the details due to pure volume. It was mostly by process of elimination that I isolated the technique.

    All Seeing Eye

  5. €50ph? I vaguely remember the time that my tech hours were charged out that cheaply 🙂

    All Seeing Eye

  6. Hi all

    Glad to be back amongst you all and pleased to see David’s web all tangled again as it should be.

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